That Tomb is Still Empty – The Gospel Doesn’t Get Cuter Than This! (Levi & Lia Mullen)

Click to view "That Tomb is Still Empty" by Levi & Lia Mullen. The Gospel doesn't get cuter! via

Easter is over, but in case you were wondering . . .

That tomb is still empty,

and Jesus still lives.

And that’s the only hope for you and me and this crazy world that we live in.

Young Levi & Lia Mullen retell the good news of the Gospel — the Easter story — and it’s never been cuter.

I’ve never actually thought of the Gospel as cute until I heard Levi and Lia share it.

They’re irresistible as they share the powerful truth of the Gospel. [Read more…]

Christ’s Resurrection Power In You – Praise Picture & Poem

Praise Picture: The same power that raised Christ from the dead is inside of you. - Romans 8:11 via

Take Me, Break Me
(a prayer)

by Steve Laube


Take my eyes Lord.
Strike me blind.

* * *

Then heal me Lord
That I may see with Your eyes.


Take my hands Lord.
Crush every bone.

* * *

Then heal me Lord
That I may touch with Your tenderness.


Take my ears Lord.
Deafen me.

* * *

Then heal me Lord
That I may hear with Your sensitivity.


Take my feet Lord.
Amputate without hesitation.

* * *

Then heal me Lord
That I may walk only on Your path.


Take my tongue Lord.
Sever it.

* * *

Then heal me Lord
That I speak only with Your words.


Take my life Lord.
End it

* * *

Then resurrect me Lord
That I may have life only in You.


Hear my prayer.


(Steve Laube)

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24 Hours Before: Christ’s 24 Hours Before Changed Everything Forever

24 Hours Before. Christ's "24 Hours Before" changed everything forever. None of us know when our 24 Hours Before will be, but Christ did.

On this beautiful Good Friday, I’m thrilled to bring you the continuation of my friend Traci Burn’s reflections.

She’s walked a painful path but has found the Lord faithful every step of the way.

Even 24 hours before. [Read more…]

Easter Friday ~ Jesus’ Last Seven Words and What They Mean For Us Today (Featuring “Freedom Battle” by Michael W. Smith)

Click to read post: Jesus' Last Seven Words and What They Mean To Us Today (Featuring "Freedom Battle" by Michael W. Smith)

Click to read post: Jesus’ Last Seven Words and What They Mean To Us Today (Featuring “Freedom Battle” by Michael W. Smith)


Today is Good Friday — the day Adam and Eve looked forward to since the Garden of Eden.

From the moment God gave them the promise of a Savior and clothed them in the skin of an innocent animal who died to cover their shame, they looked for this day.

Before we look at Christ on the cross and His last seven words, though, I want us to focus our hearts by listening to Michael W. Smith’s brilliant song “Freedom Battle.” I think he may have had Good Friday in mind when he wrote this song. [Read more…]

Monday Music ~ Revelation Song (Phillips, Craig & Dean) Easter Week Has Begun!

Click to view music video: "Revelation Song" by Phillips, Craig, & Dean

Click to view music video: “Revelation Song” by Phillips, Craig, & Dean


It has begun! 

Easter Week is here!

Cue the soundtrack!

By the way, that’s a hint to what’s to come this week.

Can you tell I’m a little excited about Easter week?

I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me, but I’m determined to keep my mind fixed on Easter through it all.

Please don’t let the importance of Easter week slip you by either, lost in the tyranny of the urgent.

Nothing in our lives is so urgent that the single most important event in the history of the world should be set aside for it. 

Christmas makes Easter possible, but Easter is why Christmas came.
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I’m not talking about coloring Easter eggs and preparing a spiral ham. I’m talking about letting the truth of Easter reach deep into our hearts all week.

The moments of Easter changed every other moment in history. 

Are you facing a trial this week?

The events of the first Easter week enable us to stand even as our knees buckle. [Read more…]

Monday Music ~ Jesus, Messiah (Chris Tomlin)

Click to view music video: "Jesus, Messiah" by Chris Tomlin

Click to view music video: “Jesus, Messiah” by Chris Tomlin


Who is this man called Jesus? 

Jesus, Messiah

Name above all names

Blessed Redeemer


The song, Jesus, Messiah by Chris Tomlin expresses beautifully who Jesus is.

The movie The Passion of the Christ displays who He is in stunning visuals.  

Combining the two is perfect.

I hope this music video of Jesus, Messiah accompanied by clips from The Passion of the Christ will pierce your heart as much as it has mine. [Read more…]

An Easter Poem to Stir Your Soul — The Groves


Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

The Groves

by Sherrie Morrison

Tis midnight and on Olivet
The moon and stars are all that stare
Upon the sacred ground
Where Jesus prayed and wept.
This grove of trees – this sanctuary –
Where the Son of Man sought solace from the agony he faced,
Stands dark and still. [Read more…]

The Passover and Resurrection Celebration Page


Passover & Resurrection Celebration!

One of my favorite websites, The Blue Letter Bible, has put together a special page to enrich your Easter celebration. 

The Passover and Resurrection Celebration Page [Read more…]