Give your morning the best start -- God's Word and a cup of black gold!
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Give your morning the best start — God’s Word and a cup of black gold! 


Summer’s ending (or so says the school system), so I’ve been spending more time with my daughters this week than my computer. Which means today you get a short post and a praise picture instead of a Bible study.

Today, in fact, my oldest daughter returns to college. Actually Brittany’s returning this week to begin her exciting new internship — and then her Fall semester will begin.

It’s one of those happy sad moments. I’m so proud of her for being chosen for this great opportunity, but I’m sad to see her go.

Ah! The life of a mom of older children!

Since I’ve been away from my computer a lot this week, I thought I’d share with you a picture I took while visiting with my sisters in Georgia last week.

I got to start each morning with my sister Melissa’s fabulous mouse cup.  

There’s just something fun about drinking down to a cute little mouse looking up at you.

At the same time, it makes you drink your coffee with a sense of urgency, imagining the poor mouse holding his breath until you drink down to below the tip of his nose.  

Every morning I sat in my sister’s comfy wingback chair, looked out the window at the woods surrounding her home, and thought how grateful I was to have the opportunity to start my day not only drinking my coffee from this perfect cup, but even better, getting to hear of God’s unfailing love. 

No matter if you prefer coffee, tea, or chai, I hope you’ll be encouraged to start your mornings drinking in the powerful truths of God found in His Word — and maybe even sip from a cup with a mouse!

(Especially if you feel like you are that mouse in the cup! Hang in there! You will not drown. God’s got this — and you!)

~ Jean

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