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Simply Put, Theology Matters

Theology matters because it’s the study of God and what we believe about Him.

But if you’re like me, theology can be daunting.

Until the Simply Put podcast.

As the name indicates, the Simply Put podcast puts theological truths into simple terms. Terms we can understand. And they do it in around six minutes per episode.

Check out what the creators of this podcast have to say about it:

As a new Christian, did you ever feel “stumped” by theology? Maybe you were listening to a sermon, and it seemed like the pastor was speaking another language. Or perhaps you picked up a study Bible and realized you may need a dictionary, too. From imputation to justification, theophany to theodicy, keeping all these concepts straight can be a challenge.

Simply Put is a podcast to help you build your Christian vocabulary. Each week, Barry Cooper explains a different theological term in clear, concise language and shares stories and illustrations that apply it to your life. Listen to this week’s episode to expand your understanding and deepen your faith, one word at a time.

On a non-spiritual note, Barry has a lovely British accent and studied theater. Listening to him is both educational and entertaining. Win-Win.

Say What?

Simply Put introduced me to a new word only seven episodes into the first season. I learned: Aseity of God.

Once I listened to the podcast, though, I realized I already knew this wonderful truth. I just didn’t know there was a single word that encompassed its full meaning.

That’s the beauty of learning theological terms.

No longer do we have to explain a character trait of God—like His aseity—each time we want to talk about the trait. We only need one word, like aseity.

If the person you’re talking with about the aseity of God is unfamiliar with the term, refer them to the Simply Put podcast—or my blog.

By the way, the Aseity of God means “God depends on nothing and no one for His existence.”

Discover its full meaning by listening to the podcast. Or read about it in my Character Traits of God post on aseity—once I write it. (Coming soon! In fact, I’m going to add a lot more traits to this list with the help of this excellent podcast.)

Until I write that post or you listen to the podcast, the following post will give you a good idea of what the aseity of God means. I alluded to it even though I didn’t know the term yet. (Thus, you won’t see it mentioned in the post. I should probably fix that.)

What Does the Name Jehovah (Yahweh) Elohim Say About God?

Which Theological Terms Do You Want to Understand Better?

I’m excited about the many theological terms they’re going to cover. Which ones are you looking forward to hearing Barry discuss? I’ll also address them in my Character Traits of God series. I may have already. 

Tune in each week to Simply Put and gain a better understanding and ability to explain these powerful truths of God more simply.

Subscribe today. Simply Put is an outreach of Ligonier ministries.

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