Knowing God Like a Surfer

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Knowing God Like a Surfer by Jean Wilund (via

Waimea Bay on the north shore
of Oahu, Hawaii hosts the spine-crunching big wave surf competition known as The Eddie.

Before this invitational can be scheduled, the waves must be at least 20 feet high. This easily translates to surfing a 40-foot wall of water that wants to crush you.

That’s where our daughter took us to spend the day body surfing. To the home of the Eddie.

The Eddie.

That’s why, on that warm December day, when everyone ran in, I ran away.

Fear the Wave

The waves weren’t even close to
Eddie-worthy that day, nevertheless, I wasn’t about to let them pummel me like
they did that one lady. They tossed her about like a puppy with a chew toy. Keep Reading on