How to Inspire a Love for the Bible

How to Inspire A Love for the Bible by Jean Wilund via

Has this ever happened to you?

You snap the lid on your travel coffee mug, snatch your car keys off the counter, and catch a glimpse of your Bible where it’s rested untouched since church on Sunday—five days ago. Your shoulders sag under the weight of guilt as you head out the door. Again. This week was supposed to be different. You promised yourself.

This experience may be all too familiar, but even if the scenario is foreign to you, you’ll probably find women in your church who relate to this frustration—and feel powerless to change. Your women’s ministry team can offer them hope that studying God’s Word isn’t destined to remain a nagging item on their to-do list. It can become a treasured habit.

Three Ways to Help Women Love Studying the Bible

1. Love the Bible Yourself

I wish I loved to cook, but I’d rather scrub the toilet. My mother wasn’t a fan of the kitchen either. When my children were young, I cooked every day, more out of a conviction not to starve my husband or children rather than a desire to create delectable culinary experiences. I worried that my unenthusiastic example would lead my children to also grow up dreading the three words I feared most: what’s for dinner?

Then one of my daughters went off to college and roomed with a girl who loved to cook. Soon her interest in the kitchen grew. By the time she graduated, she enjoyed binge-watching Food Network and whipping out dishes flavored with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

Similarly, I used to wish I loved studying the Bible, but I didn’t. I read it more out of a sense of duty than desire. Then one Saturday morning, a lady came to our church to teach our women the Bible. Scripture dripped from her lips like honey. She didn’t quote it like a well-schooled academic. Instead, she recited it from memory as if recalling a favorite day at the beach or seeing a Monet for the first time. Her wonder over God’s Word and the powerful truths it revealed about Jesus flavored everything she said and did.

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How to Inspire A Love for the Bible by Jean Wilund via