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(Today’s post first appeared on InspireAFire.com)

India had a cobra problem. As in – they had way too many cobras.

Fortunately they also had a solution. If only they had stopped to think through their solution.

How Much is That Cobra In the Window?

India’s government created an ingenuous plan to control their cobra invasion. They’d enlist citizens as cobra wranglers.

Of course, cobra wrangling isn’t like wrangling puppies. Catching cobras is more like catching knives.

So the government had to entice people into taking the risk. Money often makes people bold, so they offered to buy any cobras they caught.

The public responded, and the wild cobra population sustained an impressive hit.

As the cobras became harder to find, entrepreneurial-minded miscreants fixed the supply problem. They bred cobras and sold them to the government as “captured cobras.”

When officials discovered the ruse, they repealed the buy-back plan.

Ha! Take that, you unethical scoundrels.

But once the demand for cobras dried up, the breeders released their supply. Into the wild.


Once again, India had a cobra problem. An even bigger cobra problem.

But that wasn’t the worst decision ever made.

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Unintentional consequences strike us all — including India with their crazy cobra problem — but God uses even evil to serve His good purposes. #GodisSovereign #Godsgoodness #TrustGod Click To Tweet

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