Each year I ask the Lord to give me a verse for the New Year. Above is my verse for 2014.

You see, I’ve been thinking a lot lately that it’s taken me a long time to get where I want to be in the kind of person I want to become. I look in the mirror and I still see too much of me and too little of Christ.

At the same time, I’ve seen that God has begun to transform me in ways I’d always dreamed of as I’ve trusted Him in ways I never thought I could.

Funny how God’s Word always proves itself to be true when we live as if It is.

I’m excited to see what God will do in me through this verse as I meditate on it throughout 2014!

What are you asking God to do in you this year?

Will you let God work in you to bring you to where He wants you to be in 2014?

Let the grand adventure begin!



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