It is finished! Today I walk us through the Gospels to the cross and the moment Jesus said, “It is finished!” and He bowed his head and gave up His spirit.
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Today is Good Friday!

It’s the most important day in history because, without it, we’d still be lost in our sin — stuck in the guilt of our sin without hope of salvation.

Good Friday fulfilled the first part of our freedom from sin. Jesus’ resurrection confirmed what He accomplished on the cross. These days are inseparable.

Join me as I walk us through the Gospels and share fascinating details woven into the story that highlight the incredible details God orchestrated to bring about our salvation from sin.

I lead us from Pilate’s frustration to the agony of the cross, and the moment Jesus says, “It is finished!” and He bowed his head and gave up His spirit.

Jesus paid in full the debt our sin requires.

No one killed Jesus. He offered up His life for us. He died in our place and drank every drop of the wrath of God for our sin.

There’s nothing we could ever do to thank Jesus for what He endured for us.

Everything we do for Jesus is simply out of gratefulness and obedience.

We can’t earn our salvation. And we don’t have to, because “It is finished!”

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