E-Bible or Printed Bible? Why I'll Never Give Up My Printed Bible by Jean Wilund via www.JeanWilund.com
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I sort of freaked the other day. I couldn’t find one of my Bibles. The one in the photo above.

I bought a new study Bible a few months ago that I’ve been using lately and couldn’t remember where I’d placed the other one.

My heart ached at the thought of all I’d lose if I couldn’t find it.

And it inspired this post.

E-Bible or Printed Bible?

Do you have any E-Bible apps on your phone?

I do.

I have a few I love, but I can’t imagine ever substituting a printed Bible for a digital one.

When I travel, I take my printed Bible with me. If I’m going to be gone long, I’ll even take my thick study Bible.

And I write all over every page.

If you’ve ever been in a Bible study with me, depending on the Bible I brought with me, you may see me tuck it in my lap.

I’m hiding it from you.

When people see how many notes cover the pages of my Bible, they get a little bug-eyed.

So Many Notes!

If you’ve seen the lovely modern style of Bible journaling with its artwork and flourishes, you won’t find that in mine.

Nothing beautiful about my handiwork, unless you enjoy microscopic notes in every nook and cranny.

It’s not that I’m super spiritual. I’m just super forgetful.

I’ve read quotes in my Bible and thought, “Wow. That’s powerful. When did I write that quote?”

I’m looking at my own handwriting, but I have no memory of having read it before. I certainly don’t remember writing it into the margin.

The Best Argument for Using a Printed Bible

Blogger and author Tim Challies had made the switch to E-Bibles over printed ones until he flipped through George Müller’s, Amy Carmichael’s, and William Carey’s Bibles.

Check out Tim’s post and see their Bibles: The Best Argument for Using a Printed Bible

I feel even better about writing all over the pages of my Bible after seeing theirs. I’m in great company.

Who knows what will happen to my Bibles after I’m gone. I pray others will pick them up and be blessed.

What Will God Do With Your Bibles?

Imagine being able to light a fire in the faith of one of your great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren through one of your Bibles.

Picture them stumbling upon a note you’d scribbled in a corner of the book of John that strengthens their understanding of God.

What if they come to faith through reading your Bible?

I ran across an old calendar of my great-grandfather’s several years ago. Before I found it, I’d had no idea if he was even a Chrisitan. But then I opened the pages of his calendar and found Bible verses and a simple statement of faith in God’s sovereignty that I’ve never forgotten. He wrote: What is, is best.

I never met my great-grandfather, but he touched my life through a note he wrote long ago.

On almost every page of my Bible, I’ve scribbled insights and explanations from great commentaries and teachers.

I’ve noted reflections and connections I’ve seen in the Bible as the Holy Spirit has led me through His Word.

And I’ve poured out my heart as God has poured in His Word.

No, I can’t imagine ever giving up using a printed Bible.

Having said that, I do love E-Bibles, but not as my main Bible.

Click to read My Top Five Favorite Bible Study Apps via www.JeanWilund.com
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Click to read My Top Five Favorite Bible Study Apps via www.JeanWilund.com

I’ve written a couple of posts on Bible Study Apps I love. And I’ve got another in my mind to write soon.

Bible Apps are wonderfully helpful, but they’ll never replace my printed Bible.

My husband said it makes him sad to see so few people bringing printed Bibles to church anymore. I agree. #TeamPrintedBible

What about you? Which do you prefer?

E-Bible or Printed Bible? Which do you prefer? #Bible# TeamPrintedBible Click To Tweet

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