I still remember when it hit me.

God can’t change.

He’s forced by His own nature to be true to His nature.

Since part of His nature is love, He’s forced to love me.

We all know we can’t really force anyone to love us, so when I say that He’s forced to love us, I actually mean, He just can’t help Himself.

God loves. It’s not just what He does, it’s who He is.

I enjoyed the great comfort of knowing my parents would always love me no matter what I did. I’d given them enough reasons to reconsider, but they never did.

It eventually sunk in to me that my parents just couldn’t help but love my brother, my two sisters, and me.

Now, if we were to take that love and crank it up about a million percent, we’d begin to get a glimpse of God’s love. 

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I’ve been laser-focused on God’s love the last few months as I’ve been teaching The Red Thread: Jesus in Genesis at a Ladies Bible Study. After about eight weeks, we’ve finally made it to that pivotal moment in history: Genesis 3:15.

The enduring, extravagant love displayed just in the first three chapters of the Bible leading up to this moment is staggering. To see it in the face of Adam and Eve’s rebellion is incomprehensible.

Sadly, most of us who read the Old Testament account don’t see the love. We see the curse. We see the discipline. But we miss the love.   

Fortunately Adam and Eve didn’t miss it. They knew they deserved death — instant death. They’d been warned that eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would cause them to die. 

They didn’t believe — at first. 

True to God’s Word, Adam and Eve did die, but true to God’s nature, His love poured out on them even in and despite their rebellion.

Even as He didn’t remove the penalty of death and cursed them with sorrow, He blessed them (and us) with eternal life through the Promise of His Son and His power to overcome all sorrows. 

God just can’t help Himself. He loves. 

Grasping this truth has made it easier for me to rest in and enjoy His love, even when I feel completely unlovable.

In fact, it’s becoming harder and harder each year not to feel His love — and it’s not because I’m becoming more lovable. I’m just understanding this unchangeable truth more deeply with each passing year and eye-opening life experience. 

In a world where so much changes, enjoy the comfort of knowing God doesn’t.

And that He loves you — and me — because He just can’t help Himself. 

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Now it’s your turn. What has helped you understand and believe in God’s love for you? Share your story in the comments. I love hearing from you. 

God loves. It's not just what He does, it's who He is. (1 John 4:8) #GodIsLove #PraisePicture Click To Tweet

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