When Stress Mounts — BREATHE by Jonny Diaz (Monday Music)


Click to view music video Breathe by Jonny Diaz (For those times when stress mounts) via www.JeanWilund.com

Is your stress mounting? Mine is.


I have more deadlines than time to meet them.


What if I can’t meet them?


I’m breathing all right. I’m breathing so fast, I might hyperventilate.

You will keep in

perfect peace

all who trust in You,

all whose thoughts are

fixed on You!”

~ Isaiah 26:3

When the storm clouds of stress mount, we can look beyond the storm to the Light … and breathe.

I can’t meet all my deadlines, but I can trust God to lead me each step.

If it’s to be, He’ll do it.

If it’s not, all the stress and work won’t make a difference.

We can trust God with our hopes, dreams, deadlines and results.

Don’t stress. Breathe.

Relax and listen to Jonny Diaz’s music video Breathe and let the light of God’s peace break through your stress today.

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