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When Life Explodes: Part One

What do you do when life explodes?

That’s a loaded question.

Seriously, if you don’t have a plan for what you’ll do, you’ll likely implode.

My life is in full-explosion mode right now, and I’m actually so excited I can barely breathe!

Or is that panic setting in?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

No . . . it’s definitely excitement I feel, but I didn’t get to this point by myself, and it’s been a journey to get here.

To best explain why I’m excited, I have to take you to a seaside setting where well over 5,000 people gathered all day to listen to the extraordinary Teacher.

As evening set in, they were hungry with no restaurant in sight—not even a Waffle House or McDonalds. The Teacher turned to His twelve friends and told them to feed the group.

Despite their having nothing to offer, He didn’t give them a break. He told them to feed the group with what they had, which I remind you, was Nothing!

It’s recorded they found a boy with five loaves and two fish, which they presented to the Teacher, basically expressing, “This is all there is. You’re asking the impossible! It can’t be done!”

But, in the hands of this Man,

the Impossible became Possible, and their Nothing became Excess.

He didn’t just give them enough to make it home without starving. When they collected the leftovers, they discovered enough for each of the twelve doubters to take home a large doggie basket.

Thankfully, He didn’t give out of the abundance of their faith — they would’ve starved. He gave out of the abundance of His power and love.

I’m referring, of course, to the time Jesus Christ fed 5,000 men plus women and children (See John 6:4-13).

I’ve read the account a million times — ok, a little less than that, but a lot — and it’s always impressed me.

But recently when I absolutely needed Christ to supply for me out of my nothing, this fascinating account became my own experience, and it changed me.

Sitting along the shore of my own Sea of Galilee in the midst of multiple impossible situations, I now know I couldn’t be in a better place.

I’m reasonably resourceful, and I’m married to Mr. Perfect, so we do very well getting through life quite happily. But lately, life has exploded beyond our ability to do a thing to make any difference, so we’ve found ourselves with “only” prayer and faith to offer Christ.

“Only” prayer and faith! Ha!

Jesus Christ “only” had five loaves and two fish, and yet 5,000 men plus women and children went home fully satisfied!

By the way, Christ started with more than He needed. He didn’t need five loaves and two fish. He can, quite literally, create out of nothing. (Colossians 1:16)

The disciples not only had no food to offer Christ, they didn’t even have faith, and yet, see what He accomplished!

Imagine what Christ will do when we come to Him with “only” our faith and prayers?

This is THE reason why I can still be excited when life explodes:

Since I have nothing to offer,

Christ must do it all!

Talk about the ultimate passing of the buck!! “Christ must do it all.” What an exciting truth!

The One who must do it all for us is the One who is






ALL-just, and


All is known to Him — nothing hidden.

He has all the power to do what needs to be done exactly when it needs to be done.

His love never fails! He always provides for His own!

He’s truly more wonderful than our minds can begin to comprehend.

With ALL that, what have I to fear?


With ALL that, what do I have to do?

Rest in Christ,

Who must do it all!

I can either choose to focus on my empty hands and worry (Oh, how I do that too often!), or I can focus on the nail-scarred hands of the risen Lord, for whom nothing is impossible.

It’s a choice I get to make: faith or fear?

If I don’t choose faith, fear will choose me.

I choose faith!

When life explodes, I get to sit back with faith and prayer, and watch the extraordinary fireworks show that is my God at work! Join me, won’t you?

In my next post, When Life Explodes — Part Two (Click to read), I talk about what to do when we’re trusting Christ to do all, but our emotions still control us. That’s hard, but there’s still hope! 



Please share your story, your thoughts, your excitement, your fears! We’re in this journey together!

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