My friend Traci Burns is a mother who knows the pain of losing a child. She has some wise words to share with us:

When A Parent Loses A Child, It’s Common to Ask “Why?”
by Traci Burns, A Mother Who Knows

“Satan stole my child.”

My heart broke when a friend told me about a grieving mom who uttered that tragic declaration.

When a parent loses a child it’s common to ask, “Why?”

Some blame Satan. Some even blame God for “taking their child.”

I understand too well the emotions that come with such a terrible loss.

I understand we have to grieve.

However, while Jesus may have allowed my daughter Anna to die in a car accident, Jesus didn’t take her away from me. He wasn’t punishing me.

And, Satan certainly didn’t take Anna. Jesus has power and authority over him.

It’s common for a person who’s hurting to want to blame someone or something for their pain or loss.

As humans, we want answers and explanations on why things happen. But there are some things in life that can’t be explained.

If everything could be explained, there’d be no need for faith.

As a Christian, I must have faith and believe God knows what’s best.

It isn’t always easy.

It helps, though, when I remember that I only see part of the picture, but Jesus sees the picture from the beginning to the end.

And, better yet, He sees all the “in between.”

For me, the “in between” is where I have the most questions.

I know where I am, and as a child of God, I know where I’m going. Heaven! The beginning and the end.

But, all the “in between” stuff, I don’t know.

I serve a mighty God. I serve a loving God. I may not always understand His ways, but I know they always serve a purpose.

Acts 13:36 says, “For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep.”

None of us knows how many days we’ll be on this earth. My precious Anna, didn’t know she only had 23 years.

But she knew, as it says in Psalm 31:15, that her times were in God’s hands.

It comforts me to know she not only read that verse, but she also wrote those words in her Bible.

We all have choices.

I could have chosen to be a victim.

Blame God.

Blame satan.

Blame other people.

Blame circumstances.

I could have chosen to be bitter.

To be angry.

To be miserable.

I could have chosen to say that I have every right to pull the covers over my head, stay in bed and live as if my life were over.

Instead, I choose Jesus!

He’s been too good to me before, during, and after Anna’s accident to do or be any of those other things I just mentioned.

God’s Word is true.

God’s love is real.

For me, and I believe for you too, if we’ll take time to look for Jesus, we’ll see He’s always there.

And He’s good all the time.

Until next time,


Anna’s Bible

The photo of the Bible page above is from Anna’s Bible.

When Traci found Anna’s note “My times are in your hands!” written in her Bible, a wave of comfort flooded over her.

We never know how God is working.

Anna didn’t even know that God was already preparing her to come home.

And she didn’t know the little note she wrote in her Bible would give her family such great peace.

But God knew it all.

Whatever you’re facing today, God knows it all, He cares, and He’s working out His good and kind will for your life.

Our times, our lives, and our future are in His loving hands.

Thanks for joining the journey with us today.

~ Jean

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If you’ve missed any of Traci’s posts, check out Thoughts to Think. She’s been traveling down a path every parent dreads, but Christ has filled her with hope and thankfulness. 

Follow along with Traci and be inspired to know Jesus the way she does.

Traci Burns is a wife, mom, and messenger of hope and healing. She never planned to be a blogger. She also never planned to live a story that must be told. Now, wherever Traci can, she shares the peace and comfort she’s found — even in the midst of pain — in a God who’s good all the time. She spreads the news with joy and laughter that Jesus Christ, the One who stills the storms, wants to steer our boat. Traci and her husband Weyland live in Lexington, SC. Their two sons live in the Greenville, SC area. Their daughter lives in heaven.

Join us next time as Traci continues to share some thoughts she thinks about our amazing God. 

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