What’s that smell? Christ In Me (by Jeremy Camp)

Empty me of myself, Lord, so I don't stink up the place. Fill me with You. Devotion & Music video of CHRIST IN ME by Jeremy CampWhat’s that smell?

is an excellent word. Not only is it fun to say, it also sounds like what it describes.

I once left a flower vase of roses and peonies on the counter when we left for vacation. I returned to putridness. 

Think bottom of a rotting garbage can.

If sin had an odor, it would be even worse than putrid.

And that’s what’s born in us.


This explains why ugliness has poured out of my mouth more than a time or two. (And that was just last week. It’s Monday morning right now, so I’m doing fairly well so far this week.)

With that putridness in us, what chance do we have of not acting out in rotten ways?

Our only chance is Christ in us.

In John 4:10-14, Christ refers to Himself as Living Water. 

If my flowers had been resting in life-giving waterthey’d still be fragrant today.

It’s the same with us. 

The life of Christ in us washes the putridness out, filling us and the air around us with the fragrance of life.

Christ has washed the stain and penalty of the believer’s sin away, but our stinking sin nature remains to rot another day. 

This explains why selfishness, pride, anger, bitterness, and other rancid traits still rise up from within Christ followers and fouls up the air around us.

We’re filled with Christ and His Spirit at Salvation. We don’t need any more of Him nor Him “plus anything else” for salvation. We have all we need for life and eternity forever.

But we need a fresh bath every day.

We don’t need a gentle mist or splash. We need a full-under dunking of Christ’s Spirit. 

Empty me of myself, Lord, and fill me fresh with You.

Let the fragrance of Your grace, mercy, love, and compassion mark my life; not the putridness of my sin. 

May the world see Christ in me.

“He must increase; I must decrease.”
John 3:30

Jeremy Camp’s song “Christ In Me” is my prayer for you and for myself. May Christ’s life fill us fresh today.

As you watch this music video, let Jeremy’s song inspire you to let Christ have His way with you:

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Empty me of myself, #Lord, so I don't stink up the place #ChristInMe by @jeremycamp Click To Tweet