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Are you seeking the right thing when you mine God's Word? "In this sacred mine we dig, not for a wedge of gold, but for a weight of glory." Thomas Watson via
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What are you seeking when you mine God’s Word?

Thomas Watson’s great quote got me thinking about this question.

In this sacred mine we dig, not for a wedge of gold—but for a weight of glory.

Thomas Watson

When I sit down to read the Bible, what am I mining for?

Am I merely digging for a wedge of gold? A nugget of Truth to carry me through the day? 

Or am I digging for a weight of glory? To truly know the God of the Word who is carrying me through every day and into eternity?

May we all mine for the Weight of Glory, who is seated on a throne of gold—a mountain of gold—and reigns forever.

Let me quote again from Thomas Watson’s book A Body of Divinity as I did in my post about my run-in with the Secret Service (Is Your Heart in the Safest Place?):

“God is better than anything you can put in competition with him.”

Here’s the full excellent quote:

“God is a superlative good. He is better than anything you can put in competition with him.

He is better than health, riches, honor. Other things maintain life, he gives life.

Who would put anything in balance with the Deity?

Who would weigh a feather against a mountain of gold?

God excels all other things more infinitely than the sun excels the light of a candle.

It is the enjoyment of God which makes heaven.

‘Then shall we ever be with the Lord.’

The soul trembles as the needle in the compass, and is never at rest until it comes to God.“[/box]

What about you? Do you truly know the Lord? Do you know Him through mining His Word?

Ah, to know the Lord. There is no greater joy.

What if Knowing Jesus Isn’t the Joy You’d Hoped It Would Be?

May I be so bold to suggest that if knowing Jesus isn’t the joy you’d hoped it would be, you do not really know Him as He can—and should—be known.

It’s possible you don’t really even know Him at all.

You may know a lot about Him. But that’s not the same as knowing Him.

Those who know the Lord as they should, know Him through His Word and have surrendered to Him and His Word.

Social media is filled with people are “all about Jesus.” They LOVE Jesus. But they are not “all about His Word.”

It’s impossible to be “all about Jesus” and not “all about His Word.” They’re inseparable.

“If you love Me…”

Jesus said if we love Him, we’ll keep His commandments (John 14:15).

How can we keep His commandment if we don’t know them?

Even if we do know them intellectually, we won’t keep them if we don’t know Jesus as we should because keeping them rightly comes from knowing and loving Him truly.

I feel like I need to repeat part of that thought because that was a long sentence:

Keeping Jesus’ commandments rightly comes from knowing and loving Him truly.

May this be the year we mine God’s Word as never before and discover God as we never knew Him—but as He has always been.

Who’s with me?

What’s your plan? I’d love to hear!

What are you seeking when you mine God’s Word? A wedge of gold? Or a Weight of Glory? Mine well, my friends, and you'll discover a mountain of gold in the matchless glory of God. Click To Tweet
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