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I Love to Tell the Story Seminar
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I Love to Tell the Story Seminar

I remember where I was when I saw the Big Story of the Bible for the first time. 

Maybe you’re like me and grew up thinking the Bible is just a bunch of different stories involving God combined into one big book.

I had no idea it’s all one continuous story: The Story of Redemption — God redeeming man from sin and restoring him back into a relationship with Himself.

Of course I knew that the Bible teaches about God redeeming man, but I thought the story went like this: 

Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. A lot of other unrelated stuff happened for a long time, and then Jesus was born to redeem man from sin. Jesus went to heaven and will return one day. The End.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought this!

Maybe you already knew about the big story, but do you know how to see it in the entire Bible — not just the first three chapters of Genesis and the four Gospels?

Someone once told me that unless you can teach something, you don’t really know it. 

So, can you teach it? 

Can you explain the Big Story of the Bible to someone else as you flip through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation? 

You need to be able to do that — not so you can show off your knowledge to others, but because understanding what happened from beginning to end in the Bible will change your understanding of everything that’s happening in your life today.

When you see how the Bible is connected from Genesis to Revelation, you’ll see how your life — every life — and the events of the world are connected to the story as well. 

Therefore, my Bible Study Tip for Today is:

Master the understanding of the Big Story of the Bible.

And remember, only if you can teach it, do you truly understand it.

Don’t worry. I’m not telling you to become a Bible teacher.

Leiann Walther Strong Hands Enterprises
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Leiann Walther
Strong Hands Enterprises

Instead, I want to point you to an outstanding Bible teacher who can easily help you master the understanding of the Big Story of the Bible:

Leiann Walther of Strong Hands Enterprises. 

Leiann has been teaching the Bible for over 30 years. (I know, she doesn’t look like she could have taught her A-B-C’s for 30 years, much less the Bible!)

Leiann’s three-part audio of her seminar, I Love to Tell the Story is available for free on-line. (Click the blue link to be taken to her site.)

“Regardless of your prior Bible knowledge, this seminar will help you understand the major themes of the Old and New Testament. See how key characters and events connect as the story unfolds, and learn illustrations that help make difficult concepts easy to grasp.” (Strong Hands Enterprises)

You’ll also find a complete set of notes, an outline, supporting scriptures, application questions, and power point to supplement your learning.

All free!

Leiann provides a wealth of information which will give you the big story of the Bible in only three hours. Considering how long it would take you to put that together yourself (years), three hours is barely a blink of time. 

My husband attended one of Leiann’s one-day seminars on I Love to Tell the Story after hearing me rave about it. He remarked how Leiann teaches the story in such a way that the knowledge and understanding stick with you. He found it every bit as valuable as I.

After you’ve finished listening to I Love to Tell the Story, you’re going to want to listen to one of her most recent studies: Jesus Messiah, Four Gospels — One Story (also available in audio on her site — click the link.)

If you actually are interested in become a Bible Teacher — or there’s a need and God is calling you to fill it — please check out her outstanding teaching Able to Teach — Preparing Lessons.

This free on-line teaching is for anyone who maybe doesn’t have the gift of teaching but has the need (moms and dads — that’s you!) or anyone with the gift of teaching who just needs great tools.  

(Don’t miss her Bible study Notes, Articles, and Devotionals as well.)

Understanding the Big Story of the Bible will transform your understanding of God, your relationship with Him, and the world around you. 

Not understanding it is like watching a soccer game but not understanding any of it — including the whole point of the game.

You can see the players kicking a ball around. You can see there are two teams by their different colored jerseys. You can even figure out they’re trying to get the ball in the net. But WHY?

If the concept of scoring goals to win a game were foreign to you, soccer would make no sense.

Don’t even get me started on why some of the players fly through the air and writhe in pain on the field when they clearly weren’t even touched by anyone?

And what’s up with the yellow and red cards that the one guy in yellow, who clearly runs things, pulls out of his pocket? 


Unless you understand the Big Story of the Bible, all the many stories are just a bunch of interesting — and some very strange — stories about a main guy named God who clearly runs things.

But WHY? What’s the point of all the stories that don’t seem to be about the cross?

Learn the WHY by either listening to or attending Leiann Walther’s seminar I Love to Tell the Story! 

It may become one of your favorite Bible Study Tips I’ve given you thus far. 


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