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You’ve Got Mail—and Lots of Great Stuff

Everyone has heroes. Meet one of mine. Blogger, Author, and Book Reviewer Tim Challies.

I subscribe to a lot of great blogs, and I try to open every one of their emails. But, let’s be honest. Who has that much time?

I subscribe to blogs because I’m interested in what they have to say. But I’m also busy writing my own blog, working on book projects, and figuring out how to stuff 24 hours of being a wife, mom, Gigi, and friend into only 16 fleeting hours each day. But I always open Tim Challies’ email.

I don’t always read every article. But I open his emails. They’re filled with a host of biblical information, articles, and free stuff.

Kindle Deals

In every email, Tim includes a link to great Kindle deals on Amazon.

Ala Carte

Tim’s Ala Carte emails are loaded with articles that will challenge you in your faith, teach you about something you didn’t know like a video on How Japan Overcame a $200 Billion Disaster (the costliest natural disaster the world has ever seen), or to simply make you laugh. But mostly, he encourages us and helps us grow in our understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith so we can glorify God.

Book Reviews

I don’t know how Tim reads as many books as he does. Well, actually I do. He told us. But, it’s still impressive. And he shares his thoughts on them each month.

Every year, Tim offers a Reading Challenge. It’s fascinating.

Some books are classics and others still have the glue drying on the spine. If I’m wondering if you should plunk down money on a book, I like to check with Tim first. I trust his opinion.

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