It happened.

I knew the day would come.

It’s not that I wanted to stop it, but I also dreaded it, all while celebrating it with pride.

My baby graduated high school. 

As a parent, we reach this day and hope with all our heart we got it right.

We know we didn’t get everything right.

We remember times we regret. Words we wish we’d left unsaid . . . or words we wish we had said. 

If I could, I would actually go back and do it all over again so I could get more right.

I’d write a different story — a better one for my kids.

I’d write the story of a what it looks like to actually rest in Christ, instead of fretting so much.

I’d write a story of living life every day fully confident in a God who’ll never fail them, instead of giving them a distorted picture of what it means to trust God or even to be a Christian. 

Since I can’t go back, I have to trust that while I got so much wrong and failed so often, God has never failed them or me.

Through all my mistakes, rebellion, and misunderstandings, God taught me more about Himself.

He taught me about His extravagant grace and mercy, His unfathomable patience and forgiveness, and His matchless kindness and love. 

God is my hope.

My hope’s certainly not in what I may or may not have done right.

He is my confidence.

It’s not in self-confidence that I’ll now be all I should be, or do all I should do.

As my last child prepares to leave for college, I can look forward with excitement because, God will never cease to be who He is, and He is our God “Through All Of It.”

Is Colton Dixon’s honest song, “Through All Of It,” the story of your life, too?


God’s not done writing our story. He’ll never give up on us.

Amen to that!

If you enjoyed Colton Dixon’s powerful song, I hope you’ll share it, and leave me a comment. 

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