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Three Ways To Teach Your Kids The Bible

Teaching children the Bible is one of the greatest honors and most important responsibilities we adults have, particularly us parents.

It can also be a little scary.

What if I teach it wrong?

What if I’m the reason they decide not to trust Christ? 

It’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands and turn the responsibility over to someone else — someone better, someone more gifted.

But, please don’t. 

Yes, you’ll make mistakes.

We all make mistakes.

Trust me. I know. I’ve made them!.I have plenty more mistakes ahead of me, but if we let those mistakes stop us, we’re rejecting God’s call on us.

If God calls you, He’ll equip you.

PS–if you’re a parent, you’ve been called.

So, how do we teach our kids the Bible?

1.Study the Bible 

You can’t teach what you don’t know.

As you study the Bible and fall in love with God’s Word, you’ll find yourself sharing the beautiful Truths of God along the way.

God will give you teachable moments at the store, on the playground, taking a walk, reading a book, and raking up leaves. There are countless opportunities for you.

If your heart is filled with the joy of God’s Word,
it will naturally flow out and lovingly pour onto your kids.

But you want to teach them accurately, so:

  • On a regular basis, be involved in a sound Bible study with a teacher whose heart is always to be faithful to God’s Word.

I didn’t say they need to be infallible, just that they have a heart to be faithful.

  • Ask an older, godly woman who knows God’s Word well to mentor you, and then go to her house regularly.

Trade off watching kids with a friend, and share the same mentor if possible. This was one of the most valuable tools in my spiritual growth.

  • Study reliable Bible commentaries and other Bible resources.

If you don’t know which, check with your pastor, local Bible college, or mentor. Check out my post on the Blue Letter Bible website. Send me a message, and I’ll be glad to suggest some.

2. Live the Bible

When I was in high school, the number one reason my friends gave me for not wanting to go to youth group was because it was full of hypocrites.

To be blatantly honest, one of my greatest fears of sending my children to a Christian school was the tragic hypocrisy they could experience among the teachers and staff.

I never wanted my children to be taught the Bible by someone who was harsh and critical.

How could they ever trust their teacher’s claims about the Bible, when the Bible appeared to make them miserable…and mean-spirited?

Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a word you’re saying.

I wanted my own words and actions to match the Bible. That prompted me to post a notecard by my kitchen sink when my kids were young that said:

Be the best Bible my kids ever read.

I wasn’t the best, but my heart was to be. It was my greatest desire. And I pray that as I surrendered to God and walked with Him day after day, they saw enough through my actions to trust my words.

I was so far from perfect that I battle the “if only” game A LOT, but God is gently teaching me that I have to let the past go and look forward to the future and depend on the One who holds it.

Whether my kids trust God and His Word or not, that’s between God and them, but I’ve prayed to never be a permanent stumbling block for them to believe.

They’ll never believe what you say
if your life doesn’t prove you believe it.


3. Teach the Bible

If you don’t just start, you’ll never do it.

Sometimes it’s really just that simple.

If you’re not teaching your kids the Bible, be honest about why.

Is it fear?


lack of knowledge?

too busy?

or flat out rebellion to God?

Whatever the reason is, FIX IT. 

It’s not ok, not to teach your kids the Bible. It really isn’t.

Commit to a time each day (or maybe start with once a week) and sit down with your kids and just do it.

If you’re studying the Bible yourself, you’ll have an endless source of teaching material. If you’re not, get busy studying. You’ll never regret it.

Don’t wear your kids out with long, endless teachings — don’t do as I did, do as I say. (I told you I made mistakes.) Short and sweet can be powerful! 

  • Make it fun!
  • Have a snack ready after school and sit down with them for a short, but powerful lesson. 
  • Tuck them into bed with their Bible and share a short lesson.
  • Write up fun Bible worksheets from what God’s teaching you and let your child use them during their Quiet Time. Then come together for family Bible time and let them share their answers. But make it FUN!
  • Have breakfast as a family and either mom or dad lead a short Bible study while the kids eat.
  • Take advantage of our natural competitive nature and have fun Bible drills with your kids. Who can find the book of Romans first? 
  • Occasionally ask them to come up with one question about the Bible they don’t understand. (If you don’t know either, just tell them. Don’t make something up!) Those were often my favorite times. It showed me their heart.
  • And finally . . . make it fun!

What ideas have worked for you? Please share your ideas below. We all want to hear from you.


If you found this post helpful, I hope you’ll share it with others.

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