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Live! Love! Laugh! Three Great Lessons from Three Great Fathers!
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Three Great Lessons from Three Great Fathers: Loyalty! Excellence! Grace!

In a time when more fathers are choosing to be absent than at any other time in our history, I want to honor every faithful father out there! Thank you for all you’ve done and for all you’ve taught us.  

I’ve been blessed to have three faithful fathers in my life.

They’ve taught me countless lessons that have helped me in life. In addition to teaching me how to Live! Love! &  Laugh! every dayeach is characterized with one trait that shines above all their other excellent traits.

Here are what I consider three great lessons from three great fathers:

Loyalty is priceless.
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Loyalty is priceless.

My Dad,
Bob Sessions — Loyalty

Of the numerous great lessons Dad taught me, one that has always stood out is his loyalty.

We could rarely walk into a store or restaurant without hearing someone shout, “Welcome Dr. Sessions!”

Dad would then chat and laugh with just about every member of the staff as old friends.

Dad tried out new restaurants and stores, but when he found a place he liked, he was infinitely loyal. They appreciated him for it.

I think his loyalty is one of the things that drew Dad to antiques.  He valued anything that had stood the test of time. They became dearer in his eyes.

Dad spent thirty years restoring a 1929 Rolls Royce to its original condition. The photo above was taken at the very moment he finished. There was now nothing left to do but sit and wait in the searing heat for the judges to arrive.

Dad never gave up on his car or his goal, and his loyalty paid off. He won the top award for Best Personally-Restored Rolls Royce.

My favorite story of Dad’s loyalty, however, came from Mom.

A friend of mom’s once asked her, “Aren’t you nervous about Bob being at the hospital all the time around those cute, young nurses?” Mom laughed and said, “No, Bob loves antiques. The older I get, the more he loves me.”

What a gift Dad gave mom of making her feel secure — come what may, dad would stay. He was ever loyal.

The world needs more loyal fathers. Thanks, Dad!


Always pursue excellence!
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Always pursue excellence!

Larry’s Dad,
Bob Wilund — Excellence.

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” This has got to be his motto.

When Larry brought me home to meet his parents the first time, it was instantly clear, as I toured the home Larry’s dad designed, that he valued excellence. He’d considered every detail and created a wonderful home.

Beba (as we call him) never shies away from hard work. Even in his leisure, he seeks excellence.

That first tour revealed shelves packed with books on Bridge (he mastered the game) and hundreds of videos better organized and catalogued than most libraries.

His notes on the NFL draft could have benefitted any NFL team. I actually thought he worked as a sports agent on the side. Seriously.

Beba doesn’t look for the easiest path. He’s looks for the right path, the excellent path. 

The world needs more fathers who are willing to do what’s necessary to pursue excellence. Thanks, Beba!


My kids’ Dad & my husband, Larry — Grace

Besides his blue eyes and magnetic smile, what first attracted me to Larry was his demeanor.

Nothing rattled him. Nothing made him angry.

Larry extended grace to everyone.

If anyone ever needed a husband who loved to extend grace, it’s me. Sold!

In the almost thirty years we’ve been married, I’ve  always felt forgiven — even before I needed it. I’ve always been surrounded by grace.

You know how wives will say, “My husband will kill me if…”? I’ve said it often, too, but then I’ve laughed and said, “Actually, he won’t. He won’t even act mad.”

Larry hasn’t loved everything I’ve said or done by any means, but he’s committed to grace.

He takes his anger to the Lord and leaves me with grace.

He refuses to hold onto anger or be offended easily. If you’ve pushed Larry to the point that he actually shows his anger, trust me, you’ve crossed  way too far over a line you shouldn’t have even tapped your toe over.

Don’t think that Larry extends grace because he’s a push-over and can’t stand up for himself. It takes much more strength to extend grace than it does to extend anger.

Anyone can react out of anger. Anyone can stomp his foot and demand his rights. Only the strongest men — men of true character — can love the unlovely, forgive at all times, and offer grace when it’s not deserved.

There is tremendous strength in humility, and it takes a humble person to extend grace.

The world needs more fathers who create an atmosphere of grace in their home. Thanks, Larry!

Finally, I cheerfully and gratefully thank each of them them that they also taught me to always LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH.

The world needs more fathers who live their lives filling their homes with love and laughter! Thanks!

PS — I love you all!


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