Floodwaters ripped through South Carolina recently.

Some survivors share stories of near-death experiences, miraculously rescued.

(See one survivor share his story below.)

Others were tragically discovered too late. 

Some have surrendered to a wake of hopelessness and despair.

Others have fallen to their knees and sung praises of gratefulness. 

Surely everyone has cried out, “Why?”

I won’t pretend to know how those who’ve suffered deeply feel as they lay their heads down at night. Even living in the Columbia area, I haven’t suffered the ravages of the flood, but I’ve lay awake at night and asked God “Why?” 

Then I remember this beautiful picture of hope-assured:

Standing together under the darkened sky, at the foot of the cross, Jesus’ mother Mary and His beloved disciple John cried out in their hearts, “Why?”

Pain ripped through them. “Why did Jesus have to suffer and die?”

A wave of despair and hopelessness washed over them.

Neither counted the sunrises, waiting for the third day when Christ had said He’d rise from the dead.

John hid inside his home.

Mary ventured out to the tomb. She carried burial spices, not resurrection party refreshments.

Mary soon discovered Christ’s death was not the end of His story. John heard the news and outran Peter to see with his own eyes.

Christ’s death was only the beginning of the beginning of the glorious unfolding.

Christ came, He rose from the dead, and He’s coming again in glory.

John 19-20

Whatever we’re facing, this is not the end of our story. 

Watch and see.

Our story is far from over.

It’s only the beginning of the beginning of the glorious unfolding.

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote The Glorious Unfolding to offer hope to anyone who has felt the story of their life was over. If you wonder if he can really understand the deep pain you’re living through, read their story here: Rising From the Valley of Death.


Click to watch Columbia flood survivor, Rob Echols, share their harrowing story of being swept away by the flood, but protected by God:  

SC Flood Survivor Rob Echols 

Sherry Bradshaw posted this video on her Facebook. Check out her page for ways you may be able to help SC Flood victims.

Sherry Bradshaw

Sherry continually posts updated needs so check back often.

Our story is far from over. Listen to #GloriousUnfolding by @StevenCurtis Chapman here. #SCFlood Click To Tweet Help #SCFlood victims: Check out @SherryTBradshaw at https://goo.gl/KjsUqV to find out how you can help. #StayStrongSC Click To Tweet
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