Sometimes you’ve just gotta say, “Amen!”

Josh Wilson’s song That Was Then, This is Now is one of those times. 


We get used to the dark, but the Light shows us where we’re really living. 

We can continue to dwell in the darkness, but why when grace has invited us into the Light.

More than once I drifted — or ran — away from the Light.

Slowly, I began to get used to the dark.

But the darkness couldn’t overcome the Light I knew. The Truth drew me back. Love came running like a river.

The further and further I stepped into the Light, the more I realized how much darkness I’d mistaken as Light.  

That was then.

This is now.


We can’t forget our past, but we don’t have to dwell on it. As Josh Wilson says in their song “That Was Then, This is Now,” just box it up like an old photograph.

Our past is still there, but let’s leave it there. Let’s don’t drag it into the future.

Christ came to set us free from darkness.

Instead of living in the darkness one more day, step into the Light through faith in Christ who is . . .

the only Way for salvation,

the absolute Truth in a world steeped in alluring lies,


the Light that overcomes the darkness.

Where are you living?

Watch Josh Wilson’s powerful video That Was Then, This Is Now, and walk in the Light this week. 

Click to view the lyrcs: That Was Then, This Is Now

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