Easter is over, but in case you were wondering . . .

That tomb is still empty,

and Jesus still lives.

And that’s the only hope for you and me and this crazy world that we live in.

Young Levi & Lia Mullen retell the good news of the Gospel — the Easter story — and it’s never been cuter.

I’ve never actually thought of the Gospel as cute until I heard Levi and Lia share it.

They’re irresistible as they share the powerful truth of the Gospel.

That tomb is still empty. The #Gospel Doesn't Get Cuter Than This. #MullenFamily #Hope #Christ Click To Tweet

That tomb is still empty, Jesus is still alive, and I’m still amazed.

I’m not amazed Christ rose from the grave. I’m grateful beyond words that He came and died for us — for me — but I’m not amazed He had the power to overcome sin and death.

I’m amazed I have His resurrection power in me.

Oh praise the One who paid my debt!

Forgiven and redeemed. This is amazing grace! And that’s what Easter is all about.

Go tell everyone this great news:

That tomb is still empty!

It’s a powerful message, and when Levi & Lia tell it, it doesn’t get cuter.

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