When Your Heart is Broken, Ask the Right Question: What For? not Why? or What if?

Why the Right Question to Ask When Your Heart is Broken is "What For?" not "Why?" or "What if?"

When your heart is broken, there’s a right question to ask and some wrong ones.

My friend Traci should know. Her heart didn’t just break; it shattered when her daughter Anna died in a car wreck on a lonely stretch of highway four years ago.

God taught Traci the right question to ask as her heart bled deep grief.

This question brings us comfort, healing, and peace.

Click the link to read her post: When Your Heart is Broken, Ask the Right Question: What For? not Why? or What if?

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God is Good. Us? We’re Just Not That Good. Bless Our Hearts.

God is good. My friend Traci Burns and I? Nope, & I can prove it. God works His will into our lives in amazing and wonderful ways. He is good all the time.

Jean Circle Blog PhotoJEAN: 

My friend Traci Burns and I realized we’re just not that good while standing in her front hallway covered in paint. Bless our hearts.

I’m not talking about whether we’re “good” people. Jesus settled that for us:

And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone” (Luke 18:19).

No, Traci and I already knew we’re not good in that way. Since we’ve trusted in Christ as our Savior, we don’t have to worry about that.

We’re still not good — our sin nature hasn’t gone away — but Christ now covers us with His grace and righteousness.

When we say we’re “just not that good,” we’re talking about our skills at working everything out perfectly.

We realized it while sponge-painting her front hallway in 1995.

We felt like artists, dabbing the perfect combination of tan paint onto her walls with paint-soaked sponges and our bare hands.

We stood back and admired our work. We were good

But then it was time for Traci to run carpool.

Apparently we needed mineral spirits to get the oil-based paint off our hands. We didn’t have any.

We slapped grocery bags over Traci’s hands and rushed her off. I’m sure she made her kids proud that day.

I stayed at her house trying to get my young toddler to stay in her playpen for her nap. She managed to escape more times than my oil-based, paint-coated hands could handle.

If we were that good, Traci wouldn’t have been pulling up in front of the school with grocery bags wrapped around her hands, and I wouldn’t have been trying to put my toddler back in her playpen with my elbows. 

Since that day, we’ve joked we’re the modern version of Lucy and Ethel.

In case you, tragically, have no idea who Lucy and Ethel are, enjoy this classic clip of the famous chocolate factory line:

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When A Parent Loses A Child, It’s Common to Ask “Why?” (by Traci Burns, A Mother Who Knows)

Click to read "When A Parent Loses A Child, It's Common to Ask "Why?" " by Traci Burns, a Mother Who Knows. Traci lost her daughter and offers others great comfort. My Times Are In Your Hands Psalm 31:15 (via www.JeanWilund.com)

My friend Traci Burns is a mother who knows the pain of losing a child. She has some wise words to share with us:

When A Parent Loses A Child, It’s Common to Ask “Why?”
by Traci Burns, A Mother Who Knows

“Satan stole my child.”

My heart broke when a friend told me about a grieving mom who uttered that tragic declaration.

When a parent loses a child it’s common to ask, “Why?” [Read more…]

24 Hours Before: Christ’s 24 Hours Before Changed Everything Forever

24 Hours Before. Christ's "24 Hours Before" changed everything forever. None of us know when our 24 Hours Before will be, but Christ did.

On this beautiful Good Friday, I’m thrilled to bring you the continuation of my friend Traci Burn’s reflections.

She’s walked a painful path but has found the Lord faithful every step of the way.

Even 24 hours before. [Read more…]

small boat. Big Storm. Sleeping Jesus?

Need help in the storms of life? Ever feel like you're in a small boat, big storm and Jesus is asleep? Traci Burns understands and has a message of hope.

I’m thankful to my dear friend Traci Burns for sharing more of God’s story in their lives. [Read more…]

Are You Facing A Storm? Jesus Is Bigger Than We Let Him Be (A Thought to Think)

Pt. 1 of "Are You In A Storm? Jesus is Bigger Than We Let Him Be." A true story by Traci Burns via @JeanWilund.com

My friend Traci Burns likes to think. I think that’s a good thing.

Every Monday Traci texts her kids a Mom’s Thought for the Week, whether they like it or not. Moms get to do these kind of things.

She shared one with me recently, and I really liked it. It gave me a thought of my own: I should share some of Traci’s thoughts on my blog.

Better yet, I should let her share them on my blog. 

So I asked Traci to Join the Journey, and she said, “Ok.”

Traci actually has more than just thoughts to share with us. She has a story only God could write.

Here’s a small glimpse of her story and a thought that made her think before the story began.  [Read more…]