The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part 6) — The Time


There is safety in the Lord.

There is safety in the Lord.

Every great story has a great climax — even true stories.

We’ve reached our climax in the story of Noah’s Ark.

The time had come.

Drip, drip, drop, WHOOSH!

“In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.”
~ Genesis 7:11-12 (NIV)


God had patiently waited 120 years between giving the warning that He was sending a flood and the time when the flood gates actually opened, but finally the time had come.

For 120 years the people heard Noah preach God’s message. At any point they could have chosen to believe God’s warning and turn to Him for mercy.

The world had time to listen, believe and choose, but they refused. [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part 5) — The Door

The Red Thread in Noah's Ark -- The Door (John 10:9)

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark — The Door (John 10:9)

I’m not a ship builder, but I’m pretty certain that Noah’s ark wouldn’t meet code today.

God told Noah to build a ship so long it would cover 1-1/2 football fields, but only one door? [1]

I can’t see that getting past the ark inspectors today.

Think about having to move all those animals into their stalls and load the ark with enough supplies to feed a zoo and a family for a crazy long time. I don’t think I’m being too lazy when I say, if it were me, I’d want to add at least two more doors — one at each end, like a ferry.  

So why would the all-knowing God design only one door?

It’s a Red Thread Clue. [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part 4) — The Work


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The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark — The Work


Because of Noah’s great faith, God could trust him to do something as outlandish as build a monstrous boat far from water over a long period of time under the scrutiny of a world whose every intention of their heart was evil. (See Genesis 6)

That had to be fun. [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part 3) — The Choice


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The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark.


I once met a man named Popeye. 

He wasn’t a cartoon character, he was a real man serving time in a minimum security prison. I’d gone with my church to minister to whoever would come to meet with us.  [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part Two) — The Family

The Red Thread in Noah's Ark - Pt. 2

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark – Pt. 2

In all the world, only Noah was holy in God’s eyes. In all the world! 

Despite living in a world where every heart was set on evil, Noah still lived his life in such a way that God could declare him righteous in His eyes.

I talked about this in my last post, The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark — Part One.

Noah was earnest about pleasing God, and he trusted in Him and His Promises.

Today’s post isn’t about Noah — it’s about everyone else. [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part One) — The Man


Noah's Ark -- Salvation By Faith

What’s the Truth About Noah’s Ark & Why Does it Matter?

The story of Noah’s Ark is so popular, even atheists like it, as evidenced by the most recent movie of Noah to hit the market, which was co-written by a self-proclaimed atheist. Why wouldn’t he like it? It’s a great story.

This screenwriter’s version, however, was only based on the true story. It uses some of the same names and there’s a big boat and a world-wide flood, but this is not the account from Genesis. It’s sort of like the TV series, Once Upon a Time. In this TV series, fairytale characters are all connected to each other in ways we never read about in the storybooks we grew up with. 

But I’m not here to discussing the movie, Noah, or the TV show, Once Upon a Time. I want to talk about the real story of Noah and find where God gives us a clue of Christ in the Old Testament. I call it The Red Thread. [Read more…]