“The Right Size” ~ My Children’s Story Got Published in Focus On the Family, Clubhouse Jr. Magazine!

Click Photo to see my children's story "The Right Size" published in Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Jr. magazine

Click Photo to see my children’s story “The Right Size” published in Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. magazine


My story “The Right Size” got published in Focus on the Family’s January 2015 issue of Clubhouse Jr. magazine.

I’m just moving out of the shocked phase and into dance mode, so if you want to stand up and dance with me, feel free! 

It’s crazy! I know!

I’m so grateful to the staff at Focus on the Family, and especially Senior Associate Editor Joanna Echols, for allowing me the privilege of having my story published in their great magazine, and for letting me post the story here on my blog!  [Read more…]

Four Ways Christmas Candy Points to Christ

Candy is sweet–and even sweeter when it has meaning.

512395_General Call it rationalization so I can feel good about savoring Christmas chocolates all season if I want–I’m fine with that.

Children are fine with it, too.

Why not take this opportunity to teach our children four ways that Christmas candy points to Christ and what He’s done for us while they enjoy a treat?

And while I realize that Hershey’s wasn’t looking for deep spiritual meaning when they created these chocolate-filled treats, I can still find meaning in them: [Read more…]