God Holds Us Close When We Let Go — JUST BE HELD (by Casting Crowns)

Click to listen to "Just Be Held" by Casting Crowns and read how God holds us when we stop fighting and surrender to Him. (www.JeanWilund.com)Standing at the Atlanta airport security, I wrapped my arms around my daughter Brittany, holding on to her as long as possible.

Letting go meant goodbye.

She’d walk through security and board her plane bound for Hawaii to live 4,677 miles away.

I finally let go and leaned into my husband Larry as she walked away.

I needed to be held.

Years earlier I held on, not to my child, but my rights.

I don’t remember what Larry and I disagreed about. I just remember he was wrong and I was right.

He saw it differently.

I held onto my position, chained to my control.

In my heart, I heard these words: Lay it down and let it go, Jean.

“But he’s wrong.”

Lay it down and let it go.

Ugh. [Read more…]

24 Hours Before: Christ’s 24 Hours Before Changed Everything Forever

24 Hours Before. Christ's "24 Hours Before" changed everything forever. None of us know when our 24 Hours Before will be, but Christ did.

On this beautiful Good Friday, I’m thrilled to bring you the continuation of my friend Traci Burn’s reflections.

She’s walked a painful path but has found the Lord faithful every step of the way.

Even 24 hours before. [Read more…]

Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains) by Crowder ~ Monday Music

Click to view video: Lift Your Head Weary Sinner by Crowder via www.JeanWilund.com

It’s human nature to run from God.

It’s God’s nature to run after us.

We build a fortress to keep Him away.

If we let Him too close, our walls would crumble.

We avoid His Word. It speaks of His great love for us. 

It draws us. We don’t dare open it.

We try to outrun God.

But He’s the Hound of heaven. His love will hunt us down. [Read more…]

Down, But Not Out! Listen to “Grace Wins” by Matthew West ~ Monday Music

Click to Listen to Grace Wins by Matthew West via @JeanWilund


God isn’t always fair.

If He were, we’d be sunk.

A friend once told me he feels he’s lived a pretty good life and on that basis, he ought to go to heaven.

“If that’s not good enough for God,” he told me, “then God isn’t fair, and He can just keep His heaven.”

That statement is both heartbreaking and ironic.  [Read more…]

That Was Then, This is Now! (by Josh Wilson) ~ Monday Music

Click to view video: "That Was Then, This is Now" by Josh Wilson - (Monday Music via www.JeanWilund.com) Step into the Light of Christ

Sometimes you’ve just gotta say, “Amen!”

Josh Wilson’s song That Was Then, This is Now is one of those times. 


We get used to the dark, but the Light shows us where we’re really living.  [Read more…]

I’m Running Wild & Loving It! “Deliverer” by Matt Maher (Monday Music)

Click to view: "Deliverer" by Matt Maher via www.JeanWilund.com

Guilty but free!

Running wild and loving it! 

I’m as guilty as fire is hot, but I’m not getting burned.

I’m running wild and free like a child set loose in Disney World waving my pass that gets me to the front of the line.

It really is that great.

Living over 50 years has allowed me to rack up more than a few sins.

Some are quite serious, but I don’t want to talk about them. God’s not remembering them against me. Why should I pull them back up?

I can’t even begin to express the freedom I feel from being delivered from the crushing weight of those gnarly sins.

It’s like I’ve been given spiritual immunity. That’s way better than diplomatic immunity.

No one can get more free than me. You can get as free as me, but not more free. 

In fact, right now if I were to reach out and pop you in the nose, I wouldn’t be held guilty by God. [Read more…]

Surviving a Broken Heart and the Dreaded Bleh’s of Life! ~ “FIRST” by Lauren Daigle (Monday Music)

Click to listen to "First" by Lauren Daigle and read "Surviving a Broken Heart and the Dreaded Bleh's of Life!"  ~ Matthew 6:33

I’ve held onto too much in my life, unable to let go.

I’ve never been so happy as when I learned to let go of my rights, shame, unforgiveness, and that obnoxious shirt that hasn’t been in style since 1987.

But letting go of my children? Bleh!

That one feels like it just might kill me.  [Read more…]

When Our Heart Rejects The Truth Our Head Knows — Soaring Above Our Fears and Worries in the Midst of Struggles

Click to read: When Our Hearts Refuse to Believe the Truth Our Heads Know: Soaring Above Our Fears and Worries in the Midst of Struggles (2 Corinthians 2:14)

How often have we said, “I know God’s got this,” but then worried ourselves through our situation?

Every time I do that, I’m proving a universal truth:

Sometimes our hearts reject the truth our heads know. [Read more…]