Silent Night — The Song That Stopped A War For A Day (Monday Music)


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The Spirit of Christmas moved through a song that stopped a war for a day.

The war was World War I. The day was Christmas, 1914.

All was quiet on the western front when the sound of singing rose over the battle field from the German side of no-man’s land.

Stille Nacht. Heilige Nacht.

Allied soldiers, hunkered down in their fox holes, recognized the Christmas carol.

Silent Night. Holy Night.

“Let’s join in,” the Allies said.

Voices from both sides of the battlefront joined together in song on Christmas Eve.

Silent Night. Holy Night. 
All is calm. All is bright.

As the sun rose Christmas morning, the Allied soldiers noticed the Germans standing up from their foxholes, waving.

The Allies popped up, too, but then quickly jumped back down incase it was a German trick.

But it wasn’t.

They watched the Germans carefully, trying to believe and trust what they witnessed next.

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