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Cry Out 40 Day Prayer Guide

Cry Out!

Let this not be just a moment, but a movement of prayer.
~Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Did you miss it?

Friday, September 23, 2016, Revive Our Hearts Ministries  sponsored the Cry Out! Simulcast Prayer Event. 

“Throughout history, when things looked the most bleak, God’s people would pray with a desperate cry.

A cry for Him to revive the church.

A cry for Him to awaken non-believers to new life.

A cry for Him to transform communities—not through political means or education or programs—but by changing hearts.

We believe in that for our day.” (Quoted from

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, one of my favorite Bible teachers on the planet, helped lead the event. An incredible array of Christian leaders joined her.

As women around the world prayed, several of my friends and I met and prayed with them.

It was a powerful evening. We affected history.

For God does nothing but in answer to prayer.
(John Wesley)

Don’t miss this

Starting Monday, Revive our Hearts is sponsoring a 40 Day Pray for your Nation event.

Each week, they’ll send out a new email across the world from which we can each pray for our nation.

Please join us and pray

To get the most out of this time of united prayer:

  1. Sign up to receive the free 40 Day Prayer Guide. (See the link below)
  2. Gather a group of women–a Prayer Huddle–who’ll commit to pray through the guide as well.
  3. Meet with your Prayer Huddle each week for the next six weeks and pray for your families, community, nation, and the world.

Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer move God.
~ E.M. Bounds

Click on this link to visit Cry Out! & Sign Up for your free 40 Day Prayer Guide. 

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Surrender, Pray, Rest (While My Child is Away – Part 5)

Isaiah 65-24 Surrender, Pray, Rest While My Child is Away via

Surrender, Pray, Rest

Surrender, Pray, Rest is my motto for life and parenting.

Surrender opens our ears to God.

Prayer opens our communication with God.

Rest opens God’s blessings on us through faith.

When I asked Edie Melson, author of While My Child is Away: My Prayers For When We Are Apart, what she’d put into a Parents’ Survival Kit along with her book, she didn’t even hesitate. She said a journal and a framed copy of Isaiah 65:24.

Before they call I will answer;
while they are still speaking I will hear.

– Isaiah 65:24

Isaiah 65:24 encapsulates my motto well.


Isaiah 65:24 speaks of our future when God will create the new heavens and the new earth. At that time, His presence will fill the earth. Sin won’t separate us from Him.

Our relationship with God will be so close, He’ll hear and answer our prayers before we even finish speaking.

Won’t that be amazing.

But what about today?

Christ destroyed sin’s power through His death on the cross.

All who believe that He paid for their sin and have placed their faith in Him for salvation are now free from sin.

Whoo Hoo! and WHEW! That’s no small victory or comfort. 

Sin can no longer separate us from God, butand it’s a big but here it can still mess with us. Hence, our desperate need for surrender. A daily, moment-by-moment choice to surrender.

When we surrender to God, our stubborn, selfish will doesn’t get in the way of our being able to hear Him.

Typically our will acts like a brat towards God, shouting, “Na na na na! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”

When God wants us to know His will, He can be as loud as He needs to be.

Ask the Israelites who stood at the foot of Mt. Sinai after He brought them out of Egypt. God’s voice thundered such that they begged Moses to ask God to speak only to Moses any more. (Exodus 20:18-19) His voice could’ve drowned out Hurricane Katrina and Mt. Vesuvius at the same time.

God can be loud, but He more often speaks with a still, small voice into a peaceful, quiet heart, surrendered to Him.


Prayer is like the starting gun for God’s will being poured out on His children.

On your mark, get set, GO!

He wants to bless us. He’s just waiting for us to ask according to His good will with faith that He’ll answer.

“Believe Me when I say . . . ” (John 14.11a)

We don’t need fancy words, a special place to pray, or a seminary degree. We only need a surrendered heart that comes to God in faith.


Rest isn’t necessarily something we do. It’s more like something we don’t do.

We don’t worry, beg, or bargain.

We don’t try to earn His favor.

Instead, we rest with a grateful, peaceful heart, knowing it’s all up to Him, and He’s a good, loving God.

Surrender, Pray, Rest

Surrender, pray, rest. Then rinse and repeat.

Edie Melson’s book While My Child is Away is a valuable tool to help parents do just that: surrender, pray and rest.

With 224  pages of prayers, devotions, and parenting thoughts, you can rinse and repeat every day for weeks.

I don’t do math, so you’ll have to figure out how long it will take you to go through the whole book yourself. Sorry.

All week I’ve been collecting entries for Edie’s Parents’ Survival Kit.

And the winner is . . .

Surrender, Pray, Rest: The best plan for life and parenting. (

First, I want to thank Edie for her interview and encouragement and for donating a signed copy of this her wonderful book.

I also want to thank all of you who’ve been reading this week’s posts and entering the drawing.

So, who won the Parents’ Survival Kit?


Beckie Lindsey!

You’ve won!

You’ve won:

• A signed copy of While My Child Is Away

• A fabulous journal


• A framed photo of Isaiah 65:24

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into praying for our children while they are away.

It’s one of the most important things we’ll do in our lives. 

Keep surrendering, praying, and resting! [Read more…]

The Surprise Blessing of Desperation — While My Child is Away – Part 2

The Surprise Blessing of Desperation

Imagine sitting across from two of your kids as they describe waking up, floating in a river hours after having been struck by lightning and blown out of their kayaks.

Edie Melson lived that nightmare.

Read the excerpt here if you missed yesterday’s post.

Motivation to Pray

Edie and her husband have raised three boys.

Three boys.

Boys get blown out of kayaks.

They say, “Hey y’all! Watch this!”

Boys are motivation to pray.

I’ll never forget when my son and his friends started their own Fight Club.

They pummeled each other for fun until we parents complained about the broken bones and outlawed it.

I’ve got other stories, but fortunately none involve our son getting thunderbolted out of a kayak.

Edie and I talked about her journey to becoming a prayer warrior and writing her latest prayer book, While My Child is Away: My Prayers for When We Are Apart. 

Her story will encourage and inspire you.

Edie Melson, author of While My Soldier ServesEdie Melson:

I wanted to share my story to empower other people.

I write books on prayer now, but prayer for me didn’t come easily.

I thought I was really bad at it. I felt inadequate, like my prayers weren’t powerful enough to affect anything.

But I knew I had to pray.

The biggest thing was the desperation.

My kids needed prayer, and I couldn’t do anything but pray.

At that point, I didn’t realize that prayer was the best thing—the strongest thing—I could do.

I looked for books on prayers, but they were formal. And they weren’t my emotions.

One morning I called out to God in my quiet time.

The disciples asked You to teach them how to pray. Do it for me, too.

Everywhere I turned for the next six months, information just showed up. Scriptures would appear on billboards.

God finally got through to me that prayer wasn’t about the formality, the words, or the ways. It wasn’t legalistic. 

A huge weight fell off my shoulders. I can do this!

But I still felt awkward.

I began going through Psalms, inserting my children’s names in Scripture.

I began to write them out because I’m easily distracted.

This process of journaling and praying scripture for my children revolutionized my prayer life.

When I finally clued into the fact that the power in prayer didn’t rest in me or my words, it rested in God, the whole world opened to me.

All these prayers that were in me, waiting to come out in just the right way, started flowing because I finally got that it didn’t have to be perfect.

We want our prayers to matter the most with our kids.

Without realizing where the power in prayer comes from, we can dam up our prayers ourselves.

God wants us to be free and able to come to Him without feeling stressed.

The Surprise Blessing of Desperation

Desperation isn’t fun, but it’s a great teacher. It reaches us when logic and reason can’t.

God used desperation to clue me into the power of prayer, too.

With my kids far away, the only real power I still had to impact them was prayer.

Like Edie, I felt a desperate loss of control.

My desperation led to the surprise blessing of peace.

Peace comes whenever we let go of the need to control and choose to trust in and rely on God instead.

Fully trust in and rely on Him.

God knows all our kids’ needs, and He’s always good and faithful to work exactly as He knows best for their good and His glory.

And He knows how to move us from desperation to peace.

One helpful tool is Edie Melson’s Parents Survival Kit.

Enter to win it!

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While My Child is Away (Part 1 — And a Give Away)

Is your child away? Learn how to best pray. While My Child is Away (a book by Edie Melson) Interview by Jean Wilund

Here we go again. Kids scattered around the country.

Is your child away? Learn how to best pray. While My Child is Away (a book by Edie Melson) Interview by Jean WilundLast night Larry and I drove off from Clemson University with an empty U-Haul and without our youngest.

Year two of our empty nest begins. Tweet Tweet.

Every time one of our children flies away, I turn to prayer.

This year I’m turning to prayer and my friend Edie Melson’s new book, While My Child is Away: My Prayers For When We Are Apart.

Edie’s book is a beautiful healing balm and great reminder of the power we hold in our prayer-clasped hands to affect our children’s lives.

Our prayers make a difference whether they sleep in the room at the top of the stairs or lay their heads down 4,677 miles away.

Take a Peek Inside:


While My Child Is Away:
My Prayers For When We Are Apart 

by Edie Melson

Three days after I signed the contract for this book, two of my sons went for an afternoon kayak trip on a nearby river. They are fully grown and capable young men—one served in the military and the other has a degree in outdoor leadership. They’re both married, are not novices about the outdoors or about life in general. As experienced outdoorsmen, they don’t ever take unnecessary chances. So the confidence I have in their ability isn’t misplaced. Even with that, I felt a momentary battle of what-if when they told me about their proposed outing. Instead of voicing my fears, I told them to have fun and took my motherly worries to the One who can ensure their safety.

The next day I found out just how close I’d come to losing both sons.

They’d been on the river when a strong thunderstorm moved in with unusual speed. Immediately they headed to shore, but never made it to safety. They woke up three and a half hours later. Both were in the river, separated from their boats and each other. One son was caught on a snag in the middle of the river, the other was lying half-in and half-out of the water on the shore. After they’d found each other—a harrowing ten minutes later, they’d assured me—they assessed the injuries they’d sustained and realized they’d been struck by lightning.

While both are fine, with no lasting damage, this once again reinforced the fact that we never know when our children are headed into a dangerous situation. Whether our kids are headed to first grade, camp, college, or just a day at play, we need to be praying for them. Not just general, “God, please protect my child” prayers, either. We need to invest in a solid set of knee pads and be ready to do battle for them on a daily basis.

That’s what this book is about.

Any time our children are away from us can be a time of anxiety. We can’t always help the emotions that accompany specific situations, but we can always take those emotions to the One who will provide the protection they need and the peace we crave.


Parents’ Survival Kit

It’s hard being the parent of a kid who’s out of the reach of our loving kisses. Right? Some of us could use a Parents’ Survival Kit.

On Friday, August 19th I’m giving away just such a kit.

I asked Edie Melson, if she were to create one, what would she put into it.

I love her idea, so I’m creating this Parents’s Survival Kit as a Give Away.


a signed copy of While My Child is Away,

a fabulous journal, and 

a framed copy of Isaiah 65:24.

Is your child away? Learn how to best pray & enter to win this book. While My Child is Away (a book by Edie Melson) Interview by Jean Wilund

I’ll announce the winner in Friday’s blog post.

Will it be you?

How Can You Win?

Oh, so many ways to win!

1. Leave a comment = one entry (You may comment once each day.)

2. Subscribe to my blog = two entries

If you’ve already subscribed, leave a comment and let me know. You’ll automatically receive three entries — one for commenting and two for subscribing.

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I’m Praying for You

If your child is away, I know how you feel. I’m praying for all of you this week.

If you have something specific you want me to pray, leave a comment or email me. I’m honored to pray for you and your child(ren).

Maybe you’ll want to pray this prayer I prayed last night as Larry and I drove off with our empty UHaul: [Read more…]

Five Posts On Prayer You Don’t Want to Miss

Five Posts on Prayer You Don't Want to Miss via

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a lot more praying lately.

In one day alone, I got urgent messages from four different friends asking for prayer.

Each request stopped me in my tracks and sent me to my knees.

I could’ve filled an entire prayer journal on Paris alone.

Now add to that the rest of Europe, America, and, well, the world.

So many thoughts on prayer have been pressing to get out of my mind and into my blog.

Unfortunately, other writing commitments have delayed me.

With the vital needs that now loom ever before our world, I turned to others who have written great posts on prayer.

I’m sharing five posts on prayer today that you don’t want to miss. [Read more…]

Work Hard or Pray Hard?

Click to read: Work Hard or Pray Hard? Does God Have Favorites? via

Speaking of working hard and praying hard . . . I welcome to my blog today my friend, author and editor Lori Hatcher. Lori’s the author of one of my favorite devotionals Hungry for God . . . Starving for Time, but more importantly, she’s epitomizes the person whom God favors.


Work Hard or Pray Hard?


Jackie lives a charmed life. Opportunities fall into her lap, she wakes up with creative thoughts, and she always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Seth is the same way. When he didn’t have money for college, an anonymous donor paid his way. When everyone else was still living with their parents and rolling burritos at Moe’s, he was starting an entry-level position in the field of his choice. Like a modern-day Midas, everything he touches goes viral.

Others, however, sing the chorus of the old Hee Haw song: “If I didn’t have no bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Gloom, despair, and agony on me.” [Read more…]