Hate and Despair Are Never the Answer. Jesus Is.

Hate & Despair are never the answer -- Jesus is. via www.JeanWilund.com

I Miss Fluffy Facebook

I never thought I’d miss reading a Facebook post about what someone ate for breakfast or that they’re going to brush their teeth.

But with so much hate and despair spewing out on Facebook and on every place an opinion or thought can be spewed, I long for a mundane post that someone just scooped the poop for their pup.

I miss fluffy posts about kittens.

Society seems intent on ripping itself apart with venomous, hate-filled words and accusations slung far and wide.

Many are ready to declare all hope is gone.


Hate and despair are infecting America like a life-stealing cancer, spreading from coast to coast.

I refuse to give in to that mentality.

I choose to smile at the future.

And I can because of one thing — one person — Jesus Christ.

Hate and despair are never the answer. Jesus is. 

When Jesus comes into a life, He changes the heart.

He molds and shapes us into people who want to love, not destroy, others. Even those we disagree with.

And once our hearts look more like Christ’s, our hands and feet move toward healing society rather than ripping it apart.

No matter what political view you hold, Jesus is the answer to our need.

But we’ll never know how He is the answer until we know Him.

We’ll never really know Him until we know Him through His Word.

It’s that simple. But it’s not overnight. So let’s get moving.

I pray this will be the Year of The Word — the Year of Jesus.

I hope this year millions turn to God’s Word to find out just who this Jesus is.

Who is this One who says He’s both God and man?

How can Jesus be the answer to every need — every crisis — every longing?

What hope can He truly offer America? The world?

In a time when people are screaming and calling others hate-filled, disparaging names, my prayer is that we’ll stop long enough to take a deep breath and call out the name of Jesus instead.

That’s when everything will change. That’s where peace is found and every answer revealed.

Hate and despair are never the answer. Jesus is.

Jesus by Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin’s song Jesus is the message we need to hear.

It’s the song I wish was stuck in every heart and on every mind in America.

Listen to it here, and then sing it out as a prayer for us all. 


If you’re overwhelmed by today’s news reports, don’t give in to despair.

Smile at the future and call out to the One who holds it and you — Jesus. 

Stuck in the Ditch of “Coming Soon . . .”? How to Enjoy Waiting for the Tow Truck

Ever feel stuck in a ditch of "Coming Soon?" Here's how to enjoy your time waiting to get out. Plus "Dwell", an encouraging song by Vineyard Worship. via www.JeanWilund.com

Coming Soon . . .

Sometimes I feel like my plans are stuck in a ditch.

I’m stuck in “Coming soon . . . ”

I’m trying to get my projects to the finish line but stuff keeps coming up and knocking me off the road.

I’m busier than a squirrel trying to decide which side of the road it wants to be on.

I’d hoped to have many projects completed by now, but life happens and plans get changed.

As they say, the only constant is change.

Or is it?

Actually, a truer statement makes that statement ironic:

The one true constant is God, and He never changes.

Finally, something–Someone–we can count on.

Four Tips For When You’re In A Ditch and Waiting for the Tow Truck

1. Be content.

Imprisonment wasn’t on the Apostle Paul’s To Do list, and yet, there he sat.

And while he sat, he chose to be content.

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.

I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want

[Or in a ditch–my translation].

(Philippians 4:12, NIV)

God had a reason for Paul to be in prison. He was reaching people who couldn’t be reached any other way.

Because Paul was willing to embrace his ditch time, he got to be a part of an amazing story involving earthquakes, prisoners, and guards coming to salvation through faith in Christ. (Acts 16)

If he’d simply grumbled and complained about the injustice of his being imprisoned, I don’t think God would’ve used him in such a dramatic, incredible way.

He would’ve dwelled in the ditch, just the same, but he would’ve been miserable rather than singing hymns of praise.

We don’t always get to know why God has us in a ditch, but we can choose to be content there by trusting in the Faithful One.

2. Be humble and teachable.

Ask God if there’s anything you need to learn in order to be released from your ditch.

And then listen.

Sometimes God lets us get stuck in a ditch because we’re not as ready for the next step as we think. He slows us down because He’s not done preparing us.

When we learn to drive, we don’t get thrown straight onto the highway. Our instructors wait until they know we’re ready to handle it.

After Paul got saved, he spent three years in the wilderness being trained by God before God sent him out in ministry (Galatians 1:15-18).

Paul had been a model religious leader, a Pharisee. How could he possibly need three more years of training?

But all his fancy education wasn’t enough. God knew what Paul needed, and He knew how to train him properly.

Paul could’ve felt stuck in a ditch those three years, but his heart was humble and teachable.

He listened and learned.

Arrogance will leave us stranded in a ditch alone. Eventually, even our friends won’t want to help pull us out.

Be humble and teachable.

I’m going to repeat that. Be humble and teachable!

3. Be Patient.

Maybe we are in fact ready, but God hasn’t gotten the other players in place yet.

Our projects and plans aren’t really ours. God is the one at work. He’s inviting us to join Him.

It’s no good our setting off on our own to develop our own rogue projects.

I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing (John 15:5 NASB.)

Going rogue is a sure path to eventual failure.

From first to last, it’s all about Christ. Everything we do is about and for His glory.

Whenever we ride in a caravan, the lead car has to wait to make sure the other cars are in place and ready to follow.

Perhaps you’re leading the caravan and you’re ready to take of, but you’ll leave valuable players behind.

Paul and Silas wanted to go preach the Word in Asia and then in Bithynia, but God stopped them.

He didn’t tell them why they couldn’t go to Asia. He simply said no.

They could’ve fought God on it. Instead, they complied, and God sent them to Macedonia where they got thrown into a ditch, otherwise known as prison. (Acts 16:6-40)


They may have wondered why God thought Macedonia was a better choice than Asia. But it’s in this Macedonian prison that the jailer and his family got saved.

And years later, in God’s perfect timing, He sent the gospel to Asia and Bithynia as well.


4. Fill Your Heart With Worship

When you’re weary of waiting, try worshipping.

In fact, here’s a great worship song to learn: Dwell by Vineyard Worship.

If you’re stuck in a ditch, let this song fill your heart with the beauty and power of dwelling in God’s presence as you wait for God to send you a tow truck.

Then afterward, I have two questions I’d love for you to answer about a “Coming Soon . . .” project of my own. Thanks!

Remember: Our plans may change, but God never does, and He’s in the ditch with us.

In fact, as we’ve seen, He may have put us in that ditch.

Wherever #God has you, #Dwell there with Him in contentment, humility, patience & worship. Click To Tweet

One of the projects is a makeover for my blog.

These changes will better reflect the heart of my message that from first to last, it’s all about Christ–and He loves you.

I’ll unveil the blog makeover as soon as it’s done–Duh— along with a new series of blog posts I’ve been developing.

Would you please respond in the comments or email me at jwilund@me.com your answers to these two questions:

  1. What struggles and challenges are you currently facing?

  2. What questions do you have about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, or Christianity in general?

This blog isn’t a place for me to just babble.

Not that I don’t enjoy babbling. I love it. But I’m too busy for that, and so are you.

I want this blog to offer answers to your questions as well as give you hope and solutions for your struggles and challenges.

You can help me with this goal by sharing your questions and challenges with me.

And pray.

If the Lord brings me to your mind, pray that His plans and purposes for this blog will be accomplished as I make the changes.

Thanks for taking the time to read and support my blog with your prayers and encouragement.


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When Pain Is Like a Flower, Truth Makes Hope Bloom

When Pain is Like a Flower, Truth Makes Hope Bloom by Mekeishakay via www.JeanWilund.comEver met someone you’d like to have follow you around and talk for you?

All you’d have to say was, “Yeah. What she said!”

Blogger–and my new friend–Mekeisha has a way of explaining truth that leaves me staring at her dumbly.

When people stare at me like that, they’re trying to figure out what I’m babbling about.

People stare at Mekeisha because they’re mesmerized.

I want to grow up to be just like her.

I asked Mekeisha if I could rip a post off her blog and share it with you. She said, Sure – go for it!

I chose When Pain is Like a Flower because when she read it to my roommate Bethany and I at a recent speakers conference (Christian Communicators Conference–shameless plug), Bethany and I just stared, stunned.

I wish you could’ve been there. It would’ve been crowded in our hotel room, but you would’ve loved listening to her.

After you read Mekeisha’s post, go onto her blog (the link is at the bottom of this post) and leave her a comment, requesting she start streaming live readings.

Thanks! and Enjoy . . . 

When pain is like a flower

(by Mekeisha as appeared on her blog, Mekeishakay)

This afternoon, J (my 8 yo) slipped into my room for a visit. I was settled on my bed checking e-mails and reading articles, when she began twisting wool into a ring, and the words began to flow. I knew it was going to be more than a casual conversation when she opened with

Mom, do you know what really makes me sad? 

As she began to share, I was surprised to realize that my fun loving, rambunctious little girl had such deep thoughts brewing below the surface.

I’m happy on the outside, but I’m not happy on the inside. I feel mean on the inside. And angry. And hurt a lot… as she braided and re-braided the string in her hands, she looked away with the saddest face and said It can never change…

Oh, Babe, that makes my heart sad. God doesn’t want you to feel that way!

As I sat across from her, an illustration began to form in my mind:

Imagine your baby sister with a backpack full of rocks, so full she couldn’t even walk- she could only crawl, because it was too heavy to walk with. Then someone added even more rocks until she finally rolled over from the weight. She would be lying on a lumpy backpack full of heavy rocks!! Now wouldn’t that be terrible!? What would you do?

With tears in her eyes, she ardently proclaimed, I would walk over, scoop her up in my arms, kiss her and tell her that she was going to be okay, and then I would put her rocks in MY backpack, and I would walk over to the person who did it, and I would tell them

You may not touch her any more. You can only Touch Me.

I started crying as I put my arms on her shoulders and asked, “Now J, if you would do that for your sister, don’t you think God would do that for you? That’s exactly what Jesus did when He went to the cross! He saw how heavy our backpacks were, and He took our rocks of sin, shame, and pain and He told the Devil: You can only touch me.”

You can only touch me – so they beat Him with a whip.

You can only touch me –  and they spit in His face.

You can only touch me – and they placed a crown of thorns on His head.

You can only touch me – and they plucked his beard from his face.

You can only touch me and He was nailed to a cross.

You can only touch me and He went to Hell for us.

“Do you believe Jesus did that for you?”

She looked away and whispered… No.

How will I get through to her?

“Now… remember when you said that you could never change the way you feel inside? I have a question: What if R, your sister (who is only four) had a backpack full of rocks and you walked over to help her and she said ‘NO! I like my rocks! I want to keep my rocks! You can’t have my rocks!’

“What if she couldn’t even walk because the rocks were so heavy? What would you do then?”

She thought a moment, smiled wide and replied, “I would tell her, I know something that you like better than rocks, and I would take her rocks and give her a humongous Lollipop!”

“J, God wants to trade with you too! God wants you to give him the heavy stuff in your backpack so He can fill it up with something better… like love, joy, peace, patience- all these things are fruit of His Spirit working in you!

“Well, don’t you want to get rid of those rocks in your backpack?”

Mom, do you know how many rocks are in my backpack?

No, how many?

One. Just one big, really heavy rock.

What makes it so heavy?

Meanness, grumpiness, anger … the opposite of gentleness, hurt, and… tons of pain.

Why so much pain?

Because sometimes I feel lonely, or sad, and then I feel pain. My pain is like a flower that grows up from the rocks, and it doesn’t die even when it gets too much water, or too much sun… 

Do you think God can take your pain, that He can make it go away?

Yes, but sometimes it’s like someone sneaks in and plants another one.

Well, if that happens, we know what it looks like, right? It’s like a weed growing in your garden, and we know how to get rid of it! God can take care of that one too!

Let’s imagine there’s a table in front of us and you are unloading your backpack onto the table. You know, whenever we see something in our heart that shouldn’t be there, and we say it out loud, that’s called confessing, or admitting something is wrong. When we do that, God loves to forgive us! And it’s okay if you feel angry sometimes… I do too. The Bible says Be Angry–and sin not. It’s what we do with our big feelings that can get us into trouble!

It’s also okay to ask for help, because sometimes we can’t make ourselves do what we should. That’s why God gave us His Spirit. He said He would send us His Spirit so that we would have the power to do what is right. You’re not supposed to try harder to stop doing bad things, we’re supposed to ask God and let Him help more.

As she began to name the things that were in her heart–the anger, the hurt, the mean feelings towards others–her countenance completely shifted from being sad and heavy to being joyful and light.

When we finally emerged from the bedroom to share a snack with the rest of the family, she smiled and proclaimed, “I emptied my backpack!”

You know, I think explaining what we believe in simple words – for little ears – helps us to understand things better. I love the way she grappled with words to share what was on her heart.

I think I understand, though. Sometimes pain does seem to thrive, even when I try to kill it with forgiveness, or when I hope it will scorch under the heat of neglect, pretending I’m fine when I’m really Not… but I think God wants us to be honest enough to admit I hurt… and I need to be healed.

I forgave… but I still feel raw.

I want to do what is right, but I’m sad at the times I’ve failed…

Maybe confession is like opening a door to God. If so, we swung it wide open today.

Meet My Friend Mekeisha

Hailing from the frozen North of Alaska,
I am a wife, mother of four, poet, musician, artist and Grandmother wanna-be.

I read voraciously and love to teach others
about how amazing God is.

He’s a genius, you know.

Love God. Love people.

That’s as simple and complicated as it gets,
my friends.

I write a blog, Mekeishakay, that is my attempt to
share the beauty of our broken places, and the things I am learning in this journey.

Stop by and visit me: Visit Mekeishakay and find beauty, truth, and hope.

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When Your Heart is Broken, Ask the Right Question: What For? not Why? or What if?

Why the Right Question to Ask When Your Heart is Broken is "What For?" not "Why?" or "What if?"

When your heart is broken, there’s a right question to ask and some wrong ones.

My friend Traci should know. Her heart didn’t just break; it shattered when her daughter Anna died in a car wreck on a lonely stretch of highway four years ago.

God taught Traci the right question to ask as her heart bled deep grief.

This question brings us comfort, healing, and peace.

Click the link to read her post: When Your Heart is Broken, Ask the Right Question: What For? not Why? or What if?

“What For?” Not “Why?” or “What if?”

by Traci Burns

In the weeks and months that followed Anna’s accident, I’d sit and wonder.

And I asked God a lot of questions.

What For? Not Why? or What If?Why?  

Why did this have to happen?

Was she tired and fell asleep at the wheel?  

Was there debris in the road?  

Did a deer or some other animal run out in front of her truck?  

What if she had been driving a different vehicle? Would the accident still have happened?

Better yet, what if her dad and I had never let her move out of our house so she wouldn’t have been on the interstate that night?    

The questions kept coming.  

Then I finally realized . . . let me correct that . . . then the Lord showed me:

If I knew every answer to every question I ever had, it would not change the fact that my precious daughter died instantly in a car accident on April 14, 2012.

At Anna’s memorial service, I heard sweet stories about Anna. Her friends and family remembered her with great love.  

Also, the minister shared the gospel message of how to accept Jesus and spend eternity in Heaven with Him.  

After his message, he asked if anyone had made the decision to trust Christ. More than 30 people raised their hands!  

One of those hands belonged to my 77-year-old mother-in-law.  

Another hand belonged to a friend Anna had known since third grade.

Why the Right Question to Ask When Your Heart is Broken is "What For?" not "Why?" or "What if?"I could name more because Jesus gave me the “gift” of knowing several of the people who made that decision.

When I started asking “What for?” instead of “Why?” or “What if?” I began to see how Jesus was working in my tragedy to bring Himself glory and lost souls to salvation.

And He brought me comfort by letting me see a small glimpse of the wonderful What For?

“Why?” or “What if?” will drive you crazy. “What for?” will drive you to God. And that’s the best place to be.

With a grateful heart,


If you’ve missed any of Traci’s posts about her journey and the wonderful truths God has revealed to her through it, check out her first post here: 

Are You Facing a Storm? Jesus Is Bigger Than We Let Him Be

Pt. 1 of "Are You In A Storm? Jesus is Bigger Than We Let Him Be." A true story by Traci Burns via @JeanWilund.com

Traci Burns "Thoughts To Think" on Join the Journey (www.JeanWilund.com)Traci Burns is a wife, mom, and messenger of hope and healing. She never planned to be a blogger. She also never planned to live a story that must be told. Now, wherever Traci can, she shares the peace and comfort she’s found — even in the midst of pain — in a God who’s good all the time. She spreads the news with joy and laughter that Jesus Christ, the One who stills the storms, wants to steer our boat. Traci and her husband Weyland live in Lexington, SC. Their two sons live in the Greenville, SC area. Their daughter lives in heaven.

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Waiting & Wondering Are Agonizing. God is Amazing!

Waiting can be agonizing. Waiting and wondering can be torture. But God is absolutely amazing! He'll show up in ways and places you don't expect. (www.JeanWilund.com)

Waiting can be agonizing. Waiting and wondering can be torture. But God is absolutely amazing!

Yesterday God blew me away with His kindness and His ways in the midst of agonized waiting and wondering.

He doesn’t always answer me in miraculous ways. Sometimes He doesn’t seem to answer me at all. When He doesn’t, He’s no less amazing, loving, kind or powerful.

But when He does, I have to shout it out. So here it is:

I woke up yesterday with a heavy heart I couldn’t shake.

I tried.

I reminded myself of the wonderful truths of God’s sovereignty, kindness, and power.

How can a heavy heart stand in the face of that?

I’ll tell you:

When you love something or someone with your whole being, at times God’s sovereignty, kindness and power can seem to pale in the face of them or it.

Missing someone.

Worrying about IT.

Waiting for the results.

Wondering how to face the results.

Waiting and wondering. Bleh!

Yes, I realize how vague that all sounded, but I hope you understand what I mean. If you’ve experienced this, you do. If you haven’t, you will.

Waiting can be agonizing.

I’ll see my child again in seven months.

Waiting and wondering is torture.

Will I always have to settle for seeing her once a year?

It’s easy for our minds to run away with us and act stupid. It condemns us for what we didn’t do. Or did do and shouldn’t have done. Or should we have? Yes. No. I don’t know.

With my heavy heart, I got ready to teach Bible at the Dayschool. I didn’t want to go. I LOVE the kids and teaching them, but Ugh, I didn’t want to teach with this heavy heart.

As I drove to the school, I told God, I need a hug.  I decided I’d walk straight to my friend Bev’s desk and get that hug.

The copier man foiled my plan.

Seriously? You have to fix the copier by her desk right now?

How can I stand next to some strange man and ask my friend for a hug? Nope. I’d look like a weirdo. Not doing it.

I told God, Fine, I’ll do without a hug. I’ll stand on Your great promises instead that You’ve got everything right where You want it. I’ll find my comfort in You alone. 

I wish I could tell you that joy instantly returned.

But, then the kids walked into the class, and OH MY! I’m sure you all think your kids are amazing — and they are — but have you seen these?

The two-year old class alone is like a shot of pure love straight into the veins. There’s nothing like walking into a room of little munchkins as they run up shouting your name with delight. To say they’re adorable is almost an insult.

After I taught my three classes, I felt better. But once I left the kids, IT still hung over my heart.

Normally after I teach, I leave. Yesterday I had to stay to begin setting up for a Ladies’ Brunch we’re hosting this weekend.

My friend Karen and I worked together until she had to leave. I laughed and had a good time. But IT still hung over my heart.

As I continued working alone, a banging sound by the side doors startled me.

My friend Toni stumbled in with two cumbersome guitar cases strapped to her shoulders. The self-closing door tried to pancake her.

Toni said, “Jean, I wanted to come tell you thank you. You’re making a difference, and I wanted to give you a hug.”

I could barely respond as I soaked in her warm hug. I must have looked like an idiot. 

Normally I’d have been home by then, not still in the church.

How did she even know I was in the sanctuary?

She couldn’t know I’d told God I needed a hug.

I barely responded from the shock. Think Stupid Stare.

And then, OH MY!

Toni walked out the doors, but turned and walked back in. “Also, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been praying . . .” And then she began to say everything my heart had been heavy about.

Stupid Stare turned into Blubbering Idiot.

I hadn’t talked with anyone but God this morning about my heavy heart. No one even knew I had a heavy heart.

It vanished in that instant. The hug had lifted it. But now it was GONE.

It felt like God had walked into the room Himself and said, “I know, Jean. And you need to know I care. I’ve got this. And I’ve got you.”

He moved Toni to walk in to hug me and tell me about her prayers.

Even before I awoke, He’d moved in Toni to pray for me. She prayed in the middle of the night.

Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.
~ Isaiah 65:24

As if that wasn’t enough . . .

As I was leaving, my dear friend Traci walked up. All week I’d wanted to be able to give her a hug on the 14th (yesterday) because it’s the anniversary of her sweet daughter Anna’s Homegoing.

(If you haven’t read Traci’s posts about Anna, you want to! Click this link and scroll to the bottom to read the first in the series: Traci Burns)

We hugged. She then told me how God had been encouraging her.

Yes, He’d been telling her the same thing I’d been asking God to do in me as I prayed to be freed from my heavy heart.

Of course I immediately regaled her with the morning’s events.

I drove off with the most joy-filled heart.

Then . . . yes, then . . .

Part of my heavy heart was missing my daughter Brittany terribly and feeling hopelessly far from her.

While juggling potted plants at the Midlands Flower Festival (a little bit of heaven, I must say), I accidentally FaceTimed her. I have no idea how! My phone was “locked.”

I quickly hung up. Then she FaceTimed me back, but I thought I’d done it again, so I hung up again.

Then I realized she’d FaceTimed me, so I FaceTimed her again and then hung up when I got her text. Bahaha!

She texted me to say she couldn’t talk but would call me at 9:00 pm.

Yay, except I’d be at a loud — very loud — lacrosse game.

Just so happens, she got delayed and called me right after I’d walked into my quiet house after the game. 

Stupid Stare again. All day God amazed me.

I’d woken up heavy-laden and went to bed lighter than air.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”
~ Matthew 11:28

That verse was an understatement! He gave me so much more than just rest.

Why He chose to do all that for me, I have no idea. He didn’t have to. He’s that good.

Even if God hadn’t done any of it, the truth would’ve remained unchanged, though.

His love is enough, and He’s always in complete control. And He’s absolutely amazing.

If your heart is heavy today, tell Him.

He might show you His great love through someone with skin on.

Or He may encourage you to be that someone with skin on to show His love to others. You never know what He’ll do with it.

Whatever God shows you to do. Please do it. Don’t wait.

What if Toni had ignored His prompting to go hug me?

What if she decided not to come back into the room and tell me she’d been praying for me?

I’m still flying high from the wonder of His great love for me, and that He’d move in others so I could see it.

If He’d do it for me, He’ll do it for you. I promise! I could never have orchestrated all that. I’m just not that good.

And Traci and I will be telling you more about that soon. Stay tuned!

When waiting and wondering are agonizing, God is still amazing!

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God Holds Us Close When We Let Go — JUST BE HELD (by Casting Crowns)

Click to listen to "Just Be Held" by Casting Crowns and read how God holds us when we stop fighting and surrender to Him. (www.JeanWilund.com)Standing at the Atlanta airport security, I wrapped my arms around my daughter Brittany, holding on to her as long as possible.

Letting go meant goodbye.

She’d walk through security and board her plane bound for Hawaii to live 4,677 miles away.

I finally let go and leaned into my husband Larry as she walked away.

I needed to be held.

Years earlier I held on, not to my child, but my rights.

I don’t remember what Larry and I disagreed about. I just remember he was wrong and I was right.

He saw it differently.

I held onto my position, chained to my control.

In my heart, I heard these words: Lay it down and let it go, Jean.

“But he’s wrong.”

Lay it down and let it go.


If You Both Keep Pulling, It’s Going to Break 

It reminds me of when my kids were young and fighting over the same toy.

I’d tell them, “Just let it go. If you both keep pulling, it’s going to break. Let it go, and we’ll talk about it.”

But now I was guilty of the same thing. I was holding on, wrestling for control.

But it wasn’t Larry I was fighting. I was fighting God.

If I didn’t stop fighting and just let go, God might decide to let go instead.

He might let me have my own way.

While that might sound enticing — like I’d won — I’d learned better by then.

I’d held on for too long, too many times before, and gotten my own way. It never worked out well. It always seemed to play out differently than I’d imagined it would in my head.

I’ve finally learned that if God and I are ever on the opposite sides of a situation, I’m the one on the wrong side.

Peace Comes When We Let Go and Just Be Held.

I bowed my knees and my heart to God that day. I laid down my rights, my control.

I expected to feel disgruntled, like someone who’d done the right thing but wasn’t happy about it. So you can imagine my surprise when I felt peace instead.

I felt held. 

I hadn’t realized how hard I’d been holding on and how tiring holding on can be. 

God didn’t change Larry’s mind. He changed my heart.

I can’t remember what I’d been standing so firm against all those years ago, but I still remember the peace that took over when I let go.

It’s the same peace that held me as I stood at both of my parents’ graves.

And the same peace that comforted me as Brittany walked out of sight.

God Holds Us In The Pain.

God’s willing to let us feel debilitating pain, but He holds us through it. I’ve talked about this truth many times — and I’ll keep talking about it.

God knows what He’s doing when He lets us walk down dark, painful paths.

In time we’ll understand. But in the moment we hate it.

We want off the rocky road. We beg Him to place us on a more comfortable path.

When we finally come to the place where we’re ready to stop fighting and lay it all down, we find God there.

We can fall into His strong arms and just be held. 

The very One we’re fighting is the same One who wants to hold us.

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Let the words of Casting Crown’s song, Just Be Held encourage you to surrender to God.

If you’re fighting for control, find your strength in God to let it go, and just be held.

Larry took the picture at the top of this post as Brittany and I held each other at the airport security. I lost myself in our embrace.

I went back in time to when I held her as a newborn infant.

I thought about when she’d pretend to be hurt as a toddler so I’d hold her.

And I remembered the many times she nestled into my arms as a little girl to watch a movie.

Then I memorized the feeling of her arms surrounding me and the feel of her hair against my cheek. I listened to her breathing.

I’d never taken in a moment so carefully.

And I felt completely loved being held in her embrace.

God will hold us even closer if we’ll let go and just be held.

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