Hate and Despair Are Never the Answer. Jesus Is.

Hate & Despair are never the answer -- Jesus is. via www.JeanWilund.com

I Miss Fluffy Facebook

I never thought I’d miss reading a Facebook post about what someone ate for breakfast or that they’re going to brush their teeth.

But with so much hate and despair spewing out on Facebook and on every place an opinion or thought can be spewed, I long for a mundane post that someone just scooped the poop for their pup.

I miss fluffy posts about kittens.

Society seems intent on ripping itself apart with venomous, hate-filled words and accusations slung far and wide.

Many are ready to declare all hope is gone.


Hate and despair are infecting America like a life-stealing cancer, spreading from coast to coast.

I refuse to give in to that mentality. [Read more…]

Stuck in the Ditch of “Coming Soon . . .”? How to Enjoy Waiting for the Tow Truck

Ever feel stuck in a ditch of "Coming Soon?" Here's how to enjoy your time waiting to get out. Plus "Dwell", an encouraging song by Vineyard Worship. via www.JeanWilund.com

Coming Soon . . .

Sometimes I feel like my plans are stuck in a ditch.

I’m stuck in “Coming soon . . . ”

I’m trying to get my projects to the finish line but stuff keeps coming up and knocking me off the road.

I’m busier than a squirrel trying to decide which side of the road it wants to be on.

I’d hoped to have many projects completed by now, but life happens and plans get changed.

As they say, the only constant is change.

Or is it?

Actually, a truer statement makes that statement ironic:

The one true constant is God, and He never changes.

Finally, something–Someone–we can count on.

Four Tips For When You’re In A Ditch and Waiting for the Tow Truck

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When Pain Is Like a Flower, Truth Makes Hope Bloom

When Pain is Like a Flower, Truth Makes Hope Bloom by Mekeishakay via www.JeanWilund.comEver met someone you’d like to have follow you around and talk for you?

All you’d have to say was, “Yeah. What she said!”

Blogger–and my new friend–Mekeisha has a way of explaining truth that leaves me staring at her dumbly.

When people stare at me like that, they’re trying to figure out what I’m babbling about.

People stare at Mekeisha because they’re mesmerized.

I want to grow up to be just like her.

I asked Mekeisha if I could rip a post off her blog and share it with you. She said, Sure – go for it!

I chose When Pain is Like a Flower because when she read it to my roommate Bethany and I at a recent speakers conference (Christian Communicators Conference–shameless plug), Bethany and I just stared, stunned.

I wish you could’ve been there. It would’ve been crowded in our hotel room, but you would’ve loved listening to her.

After you read Mekeisha’s post, go onto her blog (the link is at the bottom of this post) and leave her a comment, requesting she start streaming live readings.

Thanks! and Enjoy . . .  [Read more…]

When Your Heart is Broken, Ask the Right Question: What For? not Why? or What if?

Why the Right Question to Ask When Your Heart is Broken is "What For?" not "Why?" or "What if?"

When your heart is broken, there’s a right question to ask and some wrong ones.

My friend Traci should know. Her heart didn’t just break; it shattered when her daughter Anna died in a car wreck on a lonely stretch of highway four years ago.

God taught Traci the right question to ask as her heart bled deep grief.

This question brings us comfort, healing, and peace.

Click the link to read her post: When Your Heart is Broken, Ask the Right Question: What For? not Why? or What if?

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Waiting & Wondering Are Agonizing. God is Amazing!

Waiting can be agonizing. Waiting and wondering can be torture. But God is absolutely amazing! He'll show up in ways and places you don't expect. (www.JeanWilund.com)

Waiting can be agonizing. Waiting and wondering can be torture. But God is absolutely amazing!

Yesterday God blew me away with His kindness and His ways in the midst of agonized waiting and wondering.

He doesn’t always answer me in miraculous ways. Sometimes He doesn’t seem to answer me at all. When He doesn’t, He’s no less amazing, loving, kind or powerful.

But when He does, I have to shout it out. So here it is:

I woke up yesterday with a heavy heart I couldn’t shake.

I tried.

I reminded myself of the wonderful truths of God’s sovereignty, kindness, and power.

How can a heavy heart stand in the face of that?

I’ll tell you: [Read more…]

God Holds Us Close When We Let Go — JUST BE HELD (by Casting Crowns)

Click to listen to "Just Be Held" by Casting Crowns and read how God holds us when we stop fighting and surrender to Him. (www.JeanWilund.com)Standing at the Atlanta airport security, I wrapped my arms around my daughter Brittany, holding on to her as long as possible.

Letting go meant goodbye.

She’d walk through security and board her plane bound for Hawaii to live 4,677 miles away.

I finally let go and leaned into my husband Larry as she walked away.

I needed to be held.

Years earlier I held on, not to my child, but my rights.

I don’t remember what Larry and I disagreed about. I just remember he was wrong and I was right.

He saw it differently.

I held onto my position, chained to my control.

In my heart, I heard these words: Lay it down and let it go, Jean.

“But he’s wrong.”

Lay it down and let it go.

Ugh. [Read more…]