Some people remove our excuses & leave us changed. I just met one of those people! (Monday Music)

No matter what you're facing, let this truth comfort you: You are Loved. Listen to Stars Go Dim and learn about an amazing mouth artist and author, Paige Snedeker

Some people remove our excuses and leave us changed.

Paige Snedeker is one of those people. 

Paige can’t see you from across the room or call out your name.

She can’t run up and wrap you in a bear hug.

But she can change your life.

Paige is an author, artist, and philanthropist. She’s also deaf, legally blind, and quadriplegic.

She’s lived with a rare neuromuscular degenerative disease since the age of three.

So what’s our excuse?

I suddenly can’t remember any of mine.

I met Paige at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference. She came with her mother Julie and a loving entourage. She’s kind of a rock star.

We both took the Writer/Speaker as Storyteller classes taught by the marvelous Lucinda Secrest McDowell.

Paige isn’t satisfied with just being an author, artist, and philanthropist. She’s adding Speaker to her repertoire.

Again, what’s our excuse? [Read more…]