The Ultimate Know-It-All (Part 2) — How Understanding God’s Omniscience Makes A Difference Today

God - The Ultimate Know-It-All Part 2 (From the Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God) via

Understanding Makes a Difference

Abi & Justice Our cat, Abi, loves our dog, Justice.

Justice fears Abi.

It probably stems from Justice’s first night in our home. Our previous cat, Noir, jumped on his head and attempted to shred his face.

Noir didn’t understand Justice would never hurt her. Now Justice can’t understand Abi won’t hurt him.

So, for the last seven years, Justice squirms away in fear whenever Abi rubs against his legs.

What we know and understand makes a difference.

In Part 1, we looked at what it means that God is All-Knowing. Today, we’ll consider how understanding that makes a difference in our lives today.  [Read more…]

God – The Ultimate Know-It-All (Part 1)


Mensa, otherwise known as The Society of Know-It-Alls, admitted little Elise Tan-Roberts into their club in 2009 when she was only 845 days old.

At 2-years old, her IQ was 156, just short of Albert Einstein’s 160. Not too shabby.

She could talk at 5-months old.

She could recite 35 of the world’s capitals at age 2.

Imagine what God’s IQ is if it could be measured? [Read more…]

God is Sovereign – What That Means & Why We Care

God is Sovereign - What That Means & Why We Care (via

God is Sovereign

If God isn’t sovereign over all, He isn’t sovereign at all.

I’m clearly not God because no matter how I try, I’m not sovereign over anything. At all.

I might determine to simply walk across the room, but any number of scenarios could stop me.

I could trip and knock myself out.

I could get distracted on my side of the room by a slice of blueberry lemon cake and a cup of coffee. The cup of coffee by itself would do it.

A tornado could rip through my house and send me into my neighbor’s kitchen.

I should be able to walk across the room unimpeded, but I can’t guarantee it because I’m not sovereign, but God is.

What Does Sovereign Mean?

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The Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God

The Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God via www.JeanWilund.com________________________________________________________

“Once upon an always there was God.”

   ~ Brittany Wilund, age 12

That, my friends, is probably the best way to introduce this never-ending, ever-growing list of the character traits of God: From eternity to eternity God was, is, and always will be.

And we need to know Him.

And we all will. But the sooner the better. Much better.

Since we never really know someone apart from knowing their character, we need to know God’s character.

In fact, we need to train ourselves to intentionally remember God’s character if we’re going to trust Him before the moment we desperately need to trust Him crashes down on us. 

But we can’t remember what we don’t know. 

I learned that in school. My test grades proved the theory.

How would you like THE complete, exhaustive list of every single character trait of God? I would, but who could do that?

If God were small enough to be fully known,

He wouldn’t be big enough to be God.

~Author unknown

I can’t publish THE complete list, so I’m doing the next best thing. I’m sharing The Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God. 

Let’s get started with our first character trait — the first of many more to come in future blog posts:
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Train in the Calm Before the Storm so You’ll Be Calm in the Storm (Training — Part 2)

Know the Character of God: Train in the Calm Before the Storm so You'll Be Calm In the Storm via

Are You Ready?

The best time to prepare for a storm is before it hits.


We empty the grocery store shelves of bread and water at the first report of a major storm whether we already have four cases of water and twelve loaves of bread at home or not.

We’re trained to do it.

We train for the occasional, physical storms. But what about the mental and emotional storms?

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