“Jesus Walks with Me” Rhyme ~ Jesus Coloring Page

 Jesus Coloring Page

Jesus walks with me!

Jesus walks with me!

Every day while I laugh and play

Jesus walks with me!


This rhyme is one of my students’ favorites! And it comes with Motions:

Walk in place as you recite the first two lines.
Join your fingertips together to make a big “sun” with your arms and move the sun across the sky from one side of your body to the other as you recite the last two lines, continuing to walk the whole time.

What the kids love most about acting out this rhyme, however, is that we do it over and over again, faster and faster each time until we simply can’t do it any faster. By then we’re laughing too hard anyway. (Great way to work out their wiggles, too! ~ Smart teacher, huh?) 

Click on this link to download a printer-friendly PDF of the “Jesus Walks with Me” Rhyme Coloring Page:

Jesus Walks with Me” Rhyme ~ Jesus Coloring Page

Click on this link to download a printer-friendly PDF of the Jesus Coloring Page:

Jesus Coloring Page


Three Ways to Teach Your Kids the Bible


Three Ways To Teach Your Kids The Bible

Teaching children the Bible is one of the greatest honors and most important responsibilities we adults have, particularly us parents.

It can also be a little scary.

What if I teach it wrong?

What if I’m the reason they decide not to trust Christ? 

It’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands and turn the responsibility over to someone else — someone better, someone more gifted.

But, please don’t. 

Yes, you’ll make mistakes.

We all make mistakes.

Trust me. I know. I’ve made them!.I have plenty more mistakes ahead of me, but if we let those mistakes stop us, we’re rejecting God’s call on us.

If God calls you, He’ll equip you.

PS–if you’re a parent, you’ve been called.

So, how do we teach our kids the Bible? [Read more…]

Teaching Kids the Bible

Jesus ResurrectedOne of the most important actives we can undertake with our children is to teach them the Bible. While they’re young and unable to drive away from the house and out from under your continual influence, make Bible study a priority and a joy—not a chore. 

For tips on teaching your children the Bible, visit my Pinterest page. If you “Follow” my pinterest page,  you’ll be notified when I add another great tip. 

Click on this link:

Teaching Kids the Bible

Four Ways Christmas Candy Points to Christ

Candy is sweet–and even sweeter when it has meaning.

512395_General Call it rationalization so I can feel good about savoring Christmas chocolates all season if I want–I’m fine with that.

Children are fine with it, too.

Why not take this opportunity to teach our children four ways that Christmas candy points to Christ and what He’s done for us while they enjoy a treat?

And while I realize that Hershey’s wasn’t looking for deep spiritual meaning when they created these chocolate-filled treats, I can still find meaning in them: [Read more…]