Today’s Bible Study Tip #5 — Three Questions to Ask as You Read It Word by Word, Phrase by Phrase


Today's Bible Study Tip

Today’s Bible Study Tip

In Today’s Bible Study Tip #1, I recommended reading the Bible like a novel in order to get the overall picture of the Bible. 

In Today’s Bible Study Tip #5, I recommend the opposite.

With the backdrop of understanding the Bible’s story, now read it carefully:

Word by word,
Phrase by phrase.

I’m not talking about just reading every word, but noticing the specific words chosen, each individual phrase, and the order of the words in the phrase.

You’ll begin to notice phrases you blew right past before and ask questions you never thought to ask before. At least I did.

I underline or circle each word or phrase to visually set them apart from each other. If I only do it mentally, I’m more likely to miss something.

While I’m setting them apart with my pen, I ask myself these questions: [Read more…]

Today’s Bible Study Tip #4 — Remain Flexible


Bible Study Tip #4

Bible Study Tip #4

[Read more…]

Today’s Bible Study Tip #3 — Creatures of Habit


Bible Study Tip #3

Bible Study Tip #3

Of all the activities abounding in the world, none will do more to give you the life you’ve dreamed of, if you knew enough to dream of it, than personal one-on-one time of studying the Bible.

In-depth, personal Bible study changes you from the inside out as you come to understand the true character of God and His ridiculous grace and love revealed so powerfully through Jesus.  [Read more…]

Today’s Bible Study Tip #2 — Creature Comforts

Today's Bible Study Tip

Today’s Bible Study Tip — Creature Comforts

I wake every morning to the sound of harps.

It’s much better than the blaring horn my daughter uses to rouse herself from sleep.

I like better.

After confirming that the harps are coming from my iPhone, and that I have not just woken up in heaven, I stumble through the dark to the kitchen and grab two coffee mugs.

As I soak in the aroma of the fine dark roast, my morning instantly gets better.

I like coffee — No, I love coffee.

I pour my husband and myself a mug, place his on his bedside table, and carry mine into the den, where I settle into the corner of my down-stuffed sofa facing the window that’s perfect for watching the sun rise.

I love sunrises.

I don’t know what it is about Lexington, SC, but we have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

We also have some of the most oppressive heat, but if the weather’s nice, I’ll tote my coffee out onto the screen porch and curl up on my mom’s old wicker sofa with the soft foam cushions. There I can hear the world waking up, enjoy the fragrance from my garden, and watch the sun rise over my garden.

I love my garden.

Now that I’m cozy, I pull out my Bible, my favorite pen and reading glasses, dream about getting Lasix surgery, and begin to dig into the Bible and pray. 

I love studying the Bible and praying with fresh coffee and a sunrise.

I’m now awake and eager to see what God has waiting for me in His Word, just like almost every morning of my life in Lexington. 

This leads to . . . [Read more…]

Today’s Bible Study Tip #1 — Read the Bible Like a Novel

~ Isaiah 40:8 ~

~ Isaiah 40:8 ~


As you know, if you follow my blog regularly, Bible Study is kind of my thing.

In fact, it’s the whole point of my blog. I want everyone to Join the Journey with me into God’s Word. 

In today’s journey, I’m sharing a Bible Study Tip — one simple way to get more out of the Bible. [Read more…]

Three Ways to Teach Your Kids the Bible


Three Ways To Teach Your Kids The Bible

Teaching children the Bible is one of the greatest honors and most important responsibilities we adults have, particularly us parents.

It can also be a little scary.

What if I teach it wrong?

What if I’m the reason they decide not to trust Christ? 

It’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands and turn the responsibility over to someone else — someone better, someone more gifted.

But, please don’t. 

Yes, you’ll make mistakes.

We all make mistakes.

Trust me. I know. I’ve made them!.I have plenty more mistakes ahead of me, but if we let those mistakes stop us, we’re rejecting God’s call on us.

If God calls you, He’ll equip you.

PS–if you’re a parent, you’ve been called.

So, how do we teach our kids the Bible? [Read more…]