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 An Awfully Big Adventure . . .

Wendy: So…your adventures are over.

Peter Pan: Oh, no. To live…to live would be an awfully big adventure.

~ Hook (1991)

Who doesn’t want to live an incredible story? 

Authors will tell you that without conflict, you don’t have a story.

I’ve got some epic ones for you today. 

If it takes conflict to make a story, I guess we’re all living a story because we all face conflict.

Some more than others.

But of course, that just means we all have the chance to live an awfully big adventure. 

Faith makes the difference.

It made a life-changing difference in these lives:

Tragedy to Triumph

Clemson’s co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliot overcame staggering tragedy as a boy, but is now living a story he could never have envisioned.   

When Tony was 4, his parents separated.

He then lived with his mom and little sister on the streets of Los Angeles for a bit.

When he was 9, he was in a car accident with his family. He watched his mother die in the road.

A little while later, Tony and his sister, Brandi, were separated and shipped to the other side of the country to unknown relatives after their father was jailed.

Tony didn’t let despair paralyze him, poverty cripple him, or losing everyone he loved turn him bitter. 

He trusted God instead.

Faith made the difference. 

Tony is now living an awfully big adventure surrounded by family and love in a dream job as the co-offensive coordinator of this year’s National Championship football team.

Go Tigers! 

Listen to Tony share his powerful story.

Disabled to Unstoppable

Nick Vujicic was born without legs or arms. Yes, I said without legs or arms.

He’d never live a “normal” life. Ever.

Nick’s parents refused to treat him as a lost cause.

He struggled, but ultimately refused to let bitterness rule his heart. He let hope rule it instead.

Nick chose to trust God for the grace to live a better story.

Faith  made the difference.

He’s now living an awfully big adventure and filled with love and joy. Without legs or arms. That’s not normal. That’s epic.

Listen to Nick share his miraculous story:

Pastor to World-Changer

Martin Luther King trusted God to write a different story.

Most around him set out to write the story themselves, but no one can out-write God.

He held to God’s Word about life, liberty, and the value of man, and God changed the world through his life and his faith. Even through his tragic death.  

His life and historic speech will never be forgotten. 

Martin Luther King preached love and faith, and his story is still changing to world today. Thank you, Lord, for this humble pastor.

Listen to King’s world-changing speech. In fact, listen to it often!

Little Guy to Big Hero

Clemson’s wide receiver Hunter Renfrow didn’t lose his family and he had all his arms and legs, but he still faced adversity.

All his life he’d been told he was too small to play football in the big leagues. Regardless, Hunter chose to pass up on scholarship money to play at another college so he could take a chance he might get to play for Clemson’s Coach Dabo Swinney.

He walked on to the team his freshman year and put in the hard work.

And he trusted God.

And his moment came in a big way. A movie ending.

With one second left on the clock against Alabama, the undisputed #1 team in the country, Hunter caught the game-winning pass and won the National Championship.

Watch the exciting moment when the “little man” became the big hero.

What a story!

After the game, he said, “My faith in God really got me through.”

Faith Made the Difference

Not every story changes the world, but the story God is writing for you will change you and those around you.

I haven’t faced violent prejudice nor had my life threatened by mobs of haters like Martin Luther King, but I’ve let God teach me to fully forgive those who’ve hurt people I love and me. And my heart is filled with peace.

I haven’t overcome astronomical physical challenges like Nick. But by Christ’s power, presence, and peace, I’ve overcome fears that have paralyzed me. And I feel like a victorious warrior.

I haven’t endured tragedies like Tony suffered, but by Christ’s grace and love, I’ve survived pain and loss that had crippled me. Now I’m thriving. 

I’ve never won a championship or overcome staggering odds, but I’ve trusted God and stepped way out of my comfort zone and have gone further with my writing than I’d imagined I could. And I’m just getting started.

Faith made the difference.

What’s Your Story?

What do you need God to enable you to overcome?

He can.

He will.

Trust Him with your story.

Sometimes God will change our circumstances in dramatic ways. Other times, He’ll simply change us. But, trust me, that’s just as big.

Changing us changes our story, and that can make for an awfully big adventure.

Christ is the greatest Author. He’s writing an awfully big adventure for you, but it takes faith to believe it and live it.

Listen to “My Story” by Big Daddy Weave, and consider your story. It’s not over yet:

Through the power of Jesus Christ, live your story.  

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”
Luke 1:37

What’s your story? Share in the comments. We need to hear.

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