is a recovering unraveled mess held together by the love and truth of God with a splash of coffee. She loves inspiring others to discover the life-changing power of the Bible through her teaching, speaking, and writing.

Whether she’s leading a study or weekend retreat, or speaking at a luncheon or gathering, Jean combines her passion for the Word of God with her love for humor and storytelling. Her greatest ministry desire is to help others fall in love with God and His Word, knowing it will do its perfect work in their lives.

Jean is a graduate of Christian Communicators and serves as an active member of Columbia Toastmasters. Her award-winning articles, stories, and devotions have been published in national, regional, and online magazines such as Focus on the Family; Reach Out, Columbia;;;; and others. She blogs regularly here on her website, and writes a humor column for and a monthly inspirational on

Jean’s stories, devotions, and Bible studies have been published in books such as the anthologies Precious, Precocious Moments and Stupid Moments by Grace Publishing. She’s featured in Pure Hearted by Kathy Collard Miller and in Heart Renovations, a compilation of Bible studies by Lighthouse Publishing.

Jean and her hunky husband, Larry, live in Lexington, SC. Their three grown children live scattered around the country. When Jean isn’t writing, speaking, or teaching, she can be found working in her garden or inviting someone to drink coffee with her while eagerly awaiting the birth of their first grandchildren. Yes, twins!


Jean speaks on a wide range of topics all grounded in God’s Word and filled with personal and biblical stories to reveal the power of God to transform lives. Peruse the list of popular topics below, but if you don’t see what you want, Jean would love to tailor a message specifically for your audience.



When Life Falls Apart, You Don’t Have To

Every life unravels at some point. For some, it may simply fray on the edges. For others, it rips apart. In Unraveled we’ll dig into the Bible to discover God’s truths that will help ease your pain and hold you together when life falls apart. You’ll discover how to see the unbreakable threads of Jesus’ presence, power, and peace in every situation. And you’ll learn how to laugh again.


Oh, The Places You’ll Go

How to Know God’s Will on the Way to Fulfilling Your Dreams

Inspired by the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, we’ll look into God’s Word to see how the many plans that fill our minds mix with His plans. Discover how you can know God’s will in the midst of your circumstances on the way to fulfilling your dreams.


The Red Thread Bible Study Method

Because The Bible is For You, Not About You

Are you frustrated with your current Bible study? Or too intimidated to even start? Whether you’re new to the Bible or you’ve studied it for years, The Red Thread Bible Study Method offers an easy, life-changing approach to studying and discovering God in the Scriptures, because the Bible is for you, not about you.


Sailing on Titanic Truth

Titanic Truth Looks Beautiful, But It Sinks. God’s Truth Floats

Titanic truth looks beautiful, but it sinks. God’s Truth doesn’t always look beautiful, but it soars above the hidden icebergs that sink Titanic truth every time. You’ll learn how to recognize when you’re standing on the deck of Titanic Truth or the solid ground of God’s Truth.


How Big is Your God?

Perhaps you grew up singing the Sunday School song “My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.” But if your God isn’t big enough to be Lord over all, then He isn’t big enough to be God at all. Discover the myths about God that can slip into our thinking and the great truths that set you free to trust Him, knowing your God is bigger than anything.


Do The True You.

Understanding the Truth of Your New Nature in Jesus Christ

Today’s version of “to thine own self be true” is “you do you.” Be the true you. But who is the true you? The moment you trust in Christ, you’re a brand new creation. The old is gone. Except the old you with its clinging sin nature doesn’t slide off into the abyss at salvation. Discover what you need to know about the new you so the old you will lose its grip and enable you to do you. The true you.


If It Ain’t Broke, Break It

In our search for wholeness, we often miss the beauty of brokenness. God says a broken spirit, He will not despise. But what does it mean to become broken, and how will brokenness change your life? If It Ain’t Broke, Break It will uncover the powerful, surprising truth of brokenness and reveal the steps that enable you to enjoy the freedom it brings.


That Came Out of My Mouth?

How To Turn Words That Burn Into Words That Heal

We’ve all said things we regret to people who didn’t deserve it. We’ve also said plenty to people who did deserve it—at least in our minds. How can we turn words that burn into words that heal so we can build strong relationships, not destroy them? It starts inside our hearts long before it reaches our mouth. We’ll turn to God’s Word for the answers and encouragement.


Keep Your Clothes On

How do We “Put on Christ” and Keep Him On

In Romans 13:14, Paul tells us to “put on Christ.” In Ephesians 6, he tells us to “put on the armor of God,” in which we see a picture of Jesus. We’ll open God’s Word and see what it means to put on Christ, and how we leave Him on.


God Said, “Abide in Christ.” We Said, “What?”

Discover its Meaning and the Life-Changing Fruit it Brings

In John 15, Jesus tells us He’s the vine, and we’re the branches. He says, “Abide in Me, and I in you.” But what does He mean? What does it look like to abide in Christ? Discover the simplicity of this exciting truth and the life-changing fruit it brings to your life.



“Jean Wilund has the unusual ability to combine practical theology with subtle humor. A master of spiritual sleight of hand, she distracts us with laughter, picks the struggling pockets of our souls, and leaves behind priceless spiritual treasures.” LORI HATCHER

Author of "Hungry for God … Starving for Time, 5-minute Devotions for Busy Women", winner of the Christian Small Publisher 2016 Book of the Year

“Whether Jean is illustrating God’s tough love or covenant promise, we understand the concepts because they are truth wrapped in today. Practicality with purpose!” LUCINDA SECRET MCDOWELL

Author of “Ordinary Graces"

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