Sometimes I can’t even look myself in the mirror.

It might be because that new hair cut was a mistake, but usually it’s when the past jumps up to haunt me.

That “past” may only a few seconds ago.

The past can pop up when a song on the radio transports me back to a moment in time I’d hoped to forget forever — back when I was a much different person.

Or when I overhear a conversation about someone who did something to someone else that I’ve also done. My shame reminds me I could’ve been that person they were talking about.

Other times it’s when I knew I should keep my mouth shut, but refused. I said it anyway and can’t take it back.

My thoughts love to torture me over the sheer number of times I bring outright shame to the name of Christ through the countless things I say and do.

Guilt wants to crush me, but the cross has set me free.

To borrow a line from MercyMe: The cross has made me flawless.

It’s not that I’m flawless in myself, but God — in His grace and mercy — has made it just as if I am.

Think on this thought:

God is never disappointed in us.


Seriously. In order for God to be disappointed, He had to have expected a different outcome than what happened.


Remember that memory that makes me want to turn away from the mirror? God knew I was going to do that thing. He already knew before He ever created me that I was going to blow it. He chose to create me anyway.

I’m not saying He’s pleased about that thing I did. He’s never pleased over sin. But He wasn’t disappointed in me, because He already knew I’d do it.

Here’s another bit of encouragement I learned from a friend. She shared a conversation she had with her daughter about a verse she’d learned in Sunday School.

“For He Himself knows our frame;
He is mindful that we are but dust.
~ Psalm 103:14

Here’s the powerful truth of that verse through a child’s eyes:

She said her teacher told them they didn’t need to be afraid of God when they did something wrong. She said the verse tells us that God made us, and He understands that we’re just “butt dust.”

You gotta love how kids interpret adults at times.

Pretty profound, wouldn’t you say?

We’re not God.

We’re not even close to being God.

We’re so far from being God we might as well be . . .  well, you know . . . “butt dust.”

Excuse my French.

When we make mistakes and horrible decisions, yes, we should feel terrible over our sin.

Not just over the consequences, but over the actual sin.  

But once we’ve owned up to it and repented, we must lay it at the cross and leave it there. We’re foolish if we continue to carry the guilt and shame. Christ’s blood paid the full price for it.

Instead of living dressed in shame, we should wear a perpetual grin.

Our sin and shame are over. They’re done.

We’re not our mistakes or wrong decisions. 

The cross has made us flawless.

Imagine how we’d feel if our child, or the love of our life, was caught up in horrible thoughts about themselves.

Wouldn’t it break our heart?

But imagine if we told them, “You’re immensely valuable, exceedingly precious, and I would die for you,” and they looked up at us with a bright smile on their face and believed us — actually, really believed us.

Our heart would soar to know that they’d been set free from self-hatred simply by believing us.

Christ hasn’t just told us we’re valuable. He went to the grave to prove it. 

Why would we choose to carry suffocating guilt and shame when Christ has removed it all at the cross? Why wouldn’t we believe Christ?

Let me introduce you to amazing grace. 

Christ has paid it all. He’s already removed every stain of shame. It’s never too late to believe.

We never glorify God more than when we believe Him and live like it.

MercyMe’s video of their song Flawless wonderfully illustrates the transformative truth that the cross has made us flawless: 

No matter your bumps, bruises, hurt, and shame, the cross has made you flawless.

If this song has encouraged you, I hope you’ll share it with someone today.

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