So You Need to Teach A Bible Study but You Have No Idea How? “Able to Teach” to the Rescue!

If only the class could see what you see? Teaching isn't as easy as it seems.

If only the class could see what you see? Teaching isn’t as easy as it seems.


Excited, you’re sharing what you learned recently about Joseph in the book of Genesis, but the only response you’re getting is blank stares and a few head tilts.

You’ve lost them.

It all made sense in your head, but it got lost somewhere between your brain and your tongue.

Whether you’re a teacher or just a regular human, you’ve most likely been in a similar situation.

If you’re in one of the following situations (and I guarantee you are), I have help for you: 

Scenario 1: You’ve vowed you’d never teach a Bible study, but somehow you’ve been volunteered to teach, and you have no idea how to do it.

You don’t even know how you got yourself into this situation, must less how you’re going to lead this group into a deeper understanding of the Bible rather than into a deep sleep.


Scenario 2: You never thought one way or the other about teaching the Bible until your Youth Pastor tapped you on the shoulder and told you of an urgent unmet need.

He’d been praying for someone to lead a discipleship group of high school students and asked if you’d be willing to step up and help meet this most important need.

You look at a group of kids huddled by the donut holes and realize that if you don’t step up now they may leave for college without having had the chance to get the answers to the tough questions they want answered but won’t ask in a big group setting.

You’re willing but feel unqualified and unprepared to teach them!


Scenario 3: You’re one of the rare individuals who’s always dreamed of leading a Bible Study. You finally got your chance. You opened your Bible in front of the eager group staring at you, but mesmerizing words of brilliance didn’t suddenly fall from your tongue. 

Not only does a revival not break out that evening, but the following week half the group seems have had something come up at the last minute. The only people who returned are your closest friends and your mom.

Apparently passion doesn’t automatically make you a great teacher.


Scenario 4: You’re one of the rarest individuals. You actually have the gift of teaching. People hang onto your every word, but you know your lessons could be better.

You want to take your teaching to the next level so that God can use you to His greatest glory. 

OR finally, 

Scenario 5: You’re a parent or a friend to someone. 

If you’re either a parent or a friend, you have people in your life that need to know the truth of the Word of God. Why not share it well?

Watching The Rachael Ray Show on the cooking channel doesn’t mean you have to become a chef in a restaurant. However, it does mean the meals your family and friends eat in your kitchen are more likely to bring smiles to their faces. (I probably should watch her show.)

Able to Teach is to Bible study what The Rachael Ray Show is to a cook.

Whether you have the gift of teaching
and you just need the tools,
You don’t have the gift of teaching
but you have the need,
Strong Hands Enterprises’ on-line seminar
Able to Teach: Preparing Lessons
is for you. 

Able to Teach is not a set of prepared lessons that you implement like a parrot.

(If you’ve taught children’s Sunday School lessons, you know what I’m talking about. Pre-packaged lessons are helpful because you don’t have to come up with what to say or do, but they may not be the best fit for most situations.)

“This [Able to Teach] is not an exhaustive course. It is a streamlined guide to help someone understand the goal of their study, focus and organize what they have learned, and then find an effective method to teach it.” ~ Leiann Walther, creator of Able to Teach

It also helps teachers who tend to feed their listeners from a firehose, drowning them in too much information, afraid to leave out any details. (That was me, until “Able to Teach” made me into a new woman — or at least a new teacher.)

You may never see yourself as a Bible teacher, but everyone has students.

Your friends and family are the most important students you’ll ever have. Why not be able to share with them what God’s been teaching you through the Bible more effectively?

You’ll never regret being able to teach. 

Click here to get started or for more information:

Able to Teach: Preparing Lessons


Leiann Walther Strong Hands Enterprises

Leiann Walther
Strong Hands Enterprises

Leiann Walther, the author of “Able to Teach,” has taught the Bible for over 30 years.

She has a Bachelors in Education & Bible, and received her Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from CIU.

For more information about additional seminars by Leainn Walther and Strong Hands Enterprises, click this link: Strong Hands Enterprises.


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