Parenting Apples & Opposites: A Book Giveaway & Interview with Michelle Medlock Adams ~ Part 2

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If you have more than one child, there’s a good chance you’re parenting an Apple and an Opposite.

I’m parenting an Apple, an Opposite, and a Mixed Pie.

In Part 2 of my interview with Michelle Medlock Adams, author of When Chocolate Isn’t Enough: An Inspirational Survival Guide for Moms, we talk about Apples and Opposites. 

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Now onto Part 2 of the interview:


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Jean: You have two college-age daughters, Abby and Allyson. Would you describe them more as “The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree” or as “Opposites attract?”



Michelle Adams Circular Bio PhotoMichelle: I have one of each.

Abby is her daddy made over, and Ally is just like me.

Abby thinks just like Jeff.

If you know Dr. Gary Chapman’s four personality types, Jeff is a Beaver. [accurate, precise, and analytical] He’s a CPA. He’s organized. He wants a map. Abby is just like him. 

I’m totally opposite of Abby. I’m an Otter [an energetic motivator] and a Lion [likes to take charge, competitive]. I’m a lot to handle. 

She probably wanted to kill me as a mother. Being on time is actually being late for her. If I’m on time, it’s a miracle of God.

Allyson is exactly like me. She’s into fashion and product development. She’s creative. I understand the way she thinks.

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Jean: What advice would you give to a mom who’s raising an Apple — a child who’s just like her?



Michelle Adams Circular Bio PhotoMichelle: Grace is your key word.

In a child just like you, you see all your flaws magnified in that child. You’ve got to give them grace.

Plus, you’ve got to praise them for the things you’d expect them to be able to do.

They don’t know what they’ve done is great because it’s commonplace to them. They assume everyone should be able to do it, too. But not everyone can do what they’re doing. For some people, it’s hard. Help them to see that. 

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Jean: You’re also parenting an Opposite, so what would you say to a mom who’s raising a child who’s the exact opposite of her?


Michelle Adams Circular Bio PhotoMichelle: You have to know going in that they’re not like you.

They don’t understand you just as much as you don’t understand them.

Abby doesn’t understand why I can’t get ready on time. She’s thinking, What’s wrong with you?

I have no answer. That’s just the way I am.

It’s the same way with them. We have to make allowances that they’re not the same as us.

Our way makes no sense to them anymore than their way makes sense to us.

So what if I put black socks in with the white? 

It drives Abby crazy.

I have to go to Jeff — who’s just like her — and ask him to help me understand why she’s upset. Jeff is our translator. He needs to help her understand me, too.

It’s important that we try hard to understand our opposite children.

Also, you have to choose your battles wisely.

Some things really aren’t a big deal. Don’t choose every battle, or else you’ll battle all the time.

Plus, let them teach you things. If they’ll let you, you can teach them things too.

You need each other.

To be continued . . .

Parenting an Apple, an Opposite, or a Mixed Pie (a little of both parents) comes with its benefits and its challenges. 

In Michelle’s latest book, you’ll get to experience a little of the craziness that goes on in her family, parenting an Apple and an Opposite. 

You’ll get some great laughs and be encouraged. None of us get it right all the time.

We can make mistakes because God doesn’t.

He’s got our back, and He’s got our children.



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Michelle Medlock Adams is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author, earning top honors from the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Hoosier State Press Association. Author of over 70 books and a regular blogger for Guideposts, Michelle has written more than 1,000 articles for newspapers and magazines since graduating with a journalism degree from Indiana University.

Michelle is married to her high school sweetheart, Jeff, and they have two college-aged daughters, Abby and Allyson, as well as a miniature dachshund and four cats. When not writing or teaching writing, Michelle enjoys leading fitness classes at Priority Fitness, and cheering on the Indiana University Basketball team, the Chicago Cubbies, and the LA Kings.  Connect with Michelle also on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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  1. I’m really looking forward to reading more of this interview and reading this book. I love the title of it. I love chocolate. 🙂 But I love God even more and I’m always looking for new ways to be the Godly mother and woman God asks me to be. Especially now with one about to turn 18 next week and the other 16 in a few months. Be still my heart Lord!

    • This is the perfect book for you. My baby just turned 18 two weeks ago, and I only wish I’d had this book sooner. It’s full of great advice for young moms, but just as much for us moms of older kids. You’ll love it.

  2. Apples and Opposites…not sure what we have;)

    • You may have a mixed pie. A little of both? Bobby is our mixed pie. He’s got my emotional wiring, and Larry’s chilled could-sit-in-a-deer-stand-for-hours personality. Brittany is me. Creative and passionate. Carolyn is her daddy. Deliberate and determined. 🙂