Orlando, I’m so sorry!

I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through. And I’m sorry for the many horrible reactions you’ve endured. We can respond better.

In fact, there are at least six ways we can respond better to tragedy, but first let’s briefly review the horrors that descended upon Orlando this past week.

Christina Grimmie

The first atrocity struck Orlando late June 10, 2016. A deranged fan gunned down rising superstar Christina Grimmie. Devastating.

This past Monday I posted a tribute to her and offered hope. And I shared her stunning music video In Christ Alone. (Click the link to check it out.)

Pulse Night Club

The night after Christina’s senseless murder, an ISIS-praising terrorist brutally murdered 49 souls in an Orlando gay night club.

Terrifying and outrageous!

Disney World Resort Lagoon

As Orlando and the world reeled from the recent events, two days later an alligator dragged a two-year old boy off at a Disney World resort lagoon.

The parent’s desperate attempts couldn’t save their young, helpless son. They returned home from their dream vacation living their worst nightmare.

My heart felt like it couldn’t take much more, and I don’t even know any of the individuals devastated by this past week.

Then I heard something disturbing on the radio.

A Casserole, Not A Gavel

In talking about the tragic death of the little boy, the announcer said, “It used to be when someone dies, we’d bring a casserole. Now we bring a gavel.” She then went on to tell of the many people who rushed to judge the parents of the toddler.


Who does that? In the deepest pain of their lives, why would others feel the need to heap more on them? Unbelievable.

We Can Respond Better

The same day I read an excellent article by author and speaker Lael Arrington concerning the nightclub shooting. I shook my head again at what she reported.

I’m baffled over any reactions concerning the night club shooting other than compassion for the victims. And yet, shocking responses abounded.

Chick-fil-A most likely shocked the world with its response, too.

Check out Lael’s article to discover how Chick-Fil-A responded and six ways Christians and Muslims can do better resonding to tragedy:

 6 Reasons Why Chick Fil A Got Orlando Right (and how many Muslims and Christians can do better)

by Lael Arrington

As soon as reports surfaced about Sunday’s massacre in a gay nightclub, suspicious fingers began pointing to Christian haters. Even after it was reported that the shooter had dedicated his kill to the Islamic State. What grieved me even more was talking to Christians who condemned the killings, but acknowledged they didn’t feel a great sense of compassion on the gay victims because, after all, look what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Thankfully, Chick-fil-A in Orlando rolled up its sleeves, fired up its grills and showed our terribly divided culture how to follow Jesus in such a tragedy. On a day when they normally close their doors and give their employees time off to go to church, they were serving their great food to first responders and  blood donors lined up to honor the victims.

Here are 6 reasons why Chick-fil-A got it right and how many Muslims and Christians can do better: [READ MORE] 

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I’m posting this on the 1-year Anniversary of the Charleston9 massacre. So much pain, but don’t lose hope. Read my post and see how Charleston responded well: What Dylann Roof Meant for Evil, God Allowed For Good.


Do you have any stories of someone who responded to a tragedy in love and compassion you can share? I’d love to hear a story. Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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