Numbers, Colors & Materials in the Bible and Their Spiritual Meaning

To help in studying the Bible and seeing some of the hidden treasures, I’ve compiled a partial list of numbers, colors, and materials in the Bible and—to the best of my ability and understanding—their spiritual meaning.

The only way we can be certain to the spiritual meaning of any number, color, or material in the Bible is if the Bible specifically states it.

Thus, some of these are absolutely the spiritual meaning. Others are merely best guesses based on biblical resources I’ve found.

I’m going to go back through this list soon and site the resources, but until then (and even after then), please know that this is NOT to be considered infallible. This is only to get us thinking.

ONLY use the Bible as your source for 100% accuracy. 


Possible Spiritual Meaning of Numbers in the Bible

1 – Beginning, Unity, that which is sovereign

2 – Separation, Division, Difference, Witness, Incarnation
(2nd Adam)

3 – The Godhead, Divine perfection; Divine completeness

4 – Earth, creation, world, humanity

5 – Grace, cross, atonement, life

6 – Man apart from God & Christ

7 – Spiritual perfection, completeness

8 – New beginning, super abound, salvation, resurrection

9 – Finality or judgment, (end of man & sum of all man’s works)

10 – Perfection of Divine order; Law, government, restoration, rulership, authority

11 – incompleteness, disorganization, disintegration, imperfection

12 – Divine government, governmental perfection, (3×4)

13 – Rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, satan

14 – Passover, Number of David (D=4, V=6 DVD=4+6+4=14)
(Matthew: Generations of 14) , Double measure of spiritual perfection, Deliverance, Salvation

15 – Acts wrought by the energy of Divine grace.

17 – Perfection of spiritual order

19 – Perfection of Divine order connected with judgment

20 – Expectancy

22 – Double 11 — something doubled can mean either “intensified” or “certain”;
Psalm 22 Christ, the suffering Servant

24 – Priestly courses, heavenly government & worship (2×12)

25 – Square of 5 – essence of grace

27 – Cube of 3 — essence of Divine perfection

29 – Expectation and judgment

30 – Consecration; maturity for ministry, the right moment

31 – Deity

40 – Trials, testing (4×10 and 5×8); Judah (Eze 4:6)

42 – Antichrist (Rev. 11:2, 13:5), (6×7)

50 – Pentecost, liberty, freedom, jubilee

51 – Divine revelation

70 – perfect spiritual order (7×10), Restoration

120 – Perfect dispensation of time

144 – God’s perfect government (12×12)

400 – Divinely perfect period

490 – 70 x 7 Perfect Spiritual Order x Spiritual Perfection

666 – Antichrist, Satan (Rev 13:17,18), perfection of imperfection; the culmination of human pride in independence of God and opposition to His Son Jesus Christ


Possible Spiritual Meaning of Colors and Materials in the Bible

Blue: Heaven, Holy Spirit, priesthood, authority

Black: Sin, death, famine

Crimson: Sin, suffering

Gold: Divinity, glory, kingship

Purple: Kingship, royalty

Red/Scarlet: Blood, life, sacrifice, suffering, sin

Silver: Truth, atonement, redemption

White: Purity, righteousness, joy, light

Order of Colors in the Tabernacle:

     Blue, Purple, Scarlet (always in this order)
     Blue & Scarlet are opposite each other

     Purple is the blending of red and blue


Acacia Wood: Incorruptible, sinless humanity of Christ, not subject to death

Almond: Christ’s Resurrection

Brass/Bronze/Copper: Judgment of sin; sin; disobedience

Fire: Holy Spirit, judgment

Goat’s hair: Atonement

Gold: Divine glory

Leaven: Sin, non-biblical teaching

Linen: Righteousness

Oil: Light, divine wisdom

Precious Stones: Christ’s priestly perfections

Silver: Redemption

Spices: Christ’s fragrance to God

“Tachash” skin: Protection, Drab outward appearance (Is 53:2-3) (Uncertainty of exact translation of this type of skin)

Water: Holy Spirit, Word of God, Truth

Wind: Holy Spirit

Wine: Blood covenant, joy

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