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Click to view music video at bottom of this post ~ Shoulders by: for King & Country


I can’t sing.

Well, actually I can sing, just not well.

I can only remember four times that I’ve serenaded an adult.

I sing for children because they’re too little to stop me. 

The first time I sang for an adult was for Irene Smith as she lay in the hospital on the day she went home to be with the Lord.

I sang Psalm 121. 

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth . . . 

I sang it more for myself than for her. I didn’t want to lose her. She was like a grandmother to me.

The second time was to my grandmother, also on the day she left this world. She had just barely turned 100.

Again, I sang Psalm 121.

The next time was to my mother.

I held her hand and sang as she lay asleep in the hospital just two weeks before the Lord took her home to be with the Him after her battle with cancer. 

The pain of knowing I would lose her was more than I could bear, so I did what I always do when I feel weak. I sang Psalm 121.

Finally, the last time was to my dad. Yes, you guessed it. My dad joined my mother shortly after I sang to him.

Lest you get nervous if you ever hear me singing Psalm 121, I’ve also sung it and had people survive, but if I sing it to you as a solo, you’d better make peace with God very quickly, just in case.

Seriously though, God used Psalm 121 in each case to give me the strength I needed to experience His peace during those heart wrenching times.

Thus it’s only natural that the song Shoulders by for King and Country should have such an impact on me.

It grabs my heart and fills me with gratefulness to be reminded that we have Someone who will carry our burdens for us.

He wants to carry our burdens.

But absurdly, most of us are like this man:

Most Christians are like the man who was overtaken by a wagon while he was struggling along the road under the weight of a heavy load. When the driver offered him a ride, he gratefully climbed in and took a seat. Instead of putting down his burden, however, he kept it on his shoulders. 

“Why don’t you lay down your bundle?” asked the driver.

“Oh, thank you!” replied the man. “But it is almost too much to ask you to carry me. I couldn’t think of letting you carry my burden too.”†

Are you still carrying your burdens on your shoulders? 

Whatever it is that you must carry in this life, there is One whose shoulders can bear the weight of it for you effortlessly.

He’s your help and rescue. He’ll pull you through.

He mended my broken heart, and He turned my tears into laughter.

He came to my rescue. He’s carrying me on His shoulders.

And that is why I sing and laugh and dance today.  

Let Him carry you!

Do you know someone who might be blessed by this great song? Please share it with them.


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In the middle of the storm I AM holding on to you! "I AM everything you will ever need for every moment!" ~ God (Exodus 3:14-15)
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In the middle of the storm I AM holding on to you!
“I AM everything you will ever need for every moment!” ~ God (Exodus 3:14-15)


(The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Christian Life For Today by Catherine Jackson, pg. 31)


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