Click to view music video: "Revelation Song" by Phillips, Craig, & Dean
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Click to view music video: “Revelation Song” by Phillips, Craig, & Dean


It has begun! 

Easter Week is here!

Cue the soundtrack!

By the way, that’s a hint to what’s to come this week.

Can you tell I’m a little excited about Easter week?

I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me, but I’m determined to keep my mind fixed on Easter through it all.

Please don’t let the importance of Easter week slip you by either, lost in the tyranny of the urgent.

Nothing in our lives is so urgent that the single most important event in the history of the world should be set aside for it. 

Christmas makes Easter possible, but Easter is why Christmas came.
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I’m not talking about coloring Easter eggs and preparing a spiral ham. I’m talking about letting the truth of Easter reach deep into our hearts all week.

The moments of Easter changed every other moment in history. 

Are you facing a trial this week?

The events of the first Easter week enable us to stand even as our knees buckle.

The strength we possess through the risen Lord is the very power that raised Jesus from the dead. It’s the same power that will bring us through every high and low of life.

I pray this week is a high week for you. 

If it’s not, I pray you’ll let the truth of Easter week fill you with everything you need to stand.

The tomb was empty so we need not be.
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I chose to kick off this Easter week with the Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig & Dean.

You know I love music. I also love movies.

This music video uses clips from three movies on the life of Christ: The Nativity Story (2006), The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (2003), and The Passion of the Christ (2004).

I have to comment on the clips portraying the wise men visiting Jesus as an infant:

Jesus was NOT an infant when the wisemen arrived. He was two years old. (Matthew 2:16) I continue to be baffled why movie producers miss this clear fact.

Nevertheless, watching the life of Christ played out in living color adds to the impact of this powerful song. 

 As we move through this week, let this be the song that’s stuck in your head. 

Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty,
Who was, and is, and is to come!
(Isaiah 6:3, Revelation 1:8)

Amen to that!


If you enjoyed this — and I hope you did — please share this with your friends and family. Help start their Easter week off with a powerful reminder of what makes this week the most important of the year.

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