I am They. Are you?

 “And this is eternal life, that
know You the only true God,
and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”
~ John 17:3

From the day Jesus saved my soul, I’ve sung, I’ve danced, and my heart has overflowed, because when Jesus prayed in John 17, He prayed for me.  

I have given them the words that You gave me, and
have received them and have come to know
in truth that I came from You; and
have believed that You sent Me. 
I am praying for them.”
~ John 17:8-9

I am “they!” 

This is the meaning behind the name of the band, I Am They.

They’re grateful to belong to Christ — to be the “they” that Jesus prayed for and died for.

They’re grateful that God opened their eyes to see the truth and believe it. Me too. I don’t deserve His grace, and yet He gave it generously. 

If you’ve had thoughts about God, that was God drawing you to Himself.

Respond to His drawing, so you can embrace all that Jesus prayed for you so passionately. (John 17)

Years ago my mom wrote me a letter telling me all the things she loved about me. It meant the world to me, especially after I lost her to cancer.

Years later, my father wrote me a similar letter. I stored it next to mom’s letter and read them often.

When we moved, I placed them into a special basket to protect them through the move.

I’ve never seen that basket again. I lost my letters.

I lost my father shortly after.

My heart has grieved over losing my parents and my letters, but I’ve not only had incredible comfort, but also joy, every day in knowing that I can never lose what’s most important — my salvation.

And because of my salvation, the day is coming when I’ll see my parents again (because they are the “they” in John 17, too.)

I’ll be able to look into their faces again and tell them how much I love them. 

I’ll look up into the face of God and truly understand love.

I’ll finally see what the Holy Spirit looks like and thank Him for never leaving me.

I’ll see the nail-scarred hands and feet of Jesus and fall at His feet in gratefulness.

I’ll live in the presence of all of their love forever, because I am “they.”

From the Day You Saved My Soul -- Great Song by I Am They!
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From the Day You Saved My Soul — Great Song by I Am They!


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