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You are getting a bargain today! A Prank, a Movie, and a Birthday Song. Three spectacular videos in one post!

This first video, “World’s Toughest Job Application Prank,” is guaranteed to make you laugh, or your money back.

(Granted it’s not a music video, but not to worry. It’s my Monday Music post, so I have a special music video for you below — way below, not directly below.)

I’m not going to say anything about the first video, except that it’s hilarious — and true. It speaks for itself. Enjoy!

I will, however, speak for the second video. If you haven’t already seen the movie “Mom’s Night Out” with Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin, Sarah Drew & Trace Atkins, you’re missing out. Stop reading and go out and see it now! No, wait! Finish reading this, share this with all your friends, and then go out and see the movie.

I asked my husband and daughter (the one who still lives at home and is not currently driving across the country like her sister,) to take me to see it for Mother’s Day, even though I just saw it two days ago.

It really is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. You can’t beat an hysterical movie with a great message. It’s not only a winner, it’s a keeper…as in, I can’t wait to buy the movie! 

(By the way, I tweeted Patricia Heaton to thank her for giving us such a great movie, and she tweeted me back and retweeted my tweet. Sweet!)

I’m so glad I went to see “Mom’s Night Out” a second time because this time, in between all my laughing, I reflected more personally on the message that we mothers often struggle with feeling that we’re just not “enough.”

I never wanted to be the career woman who also raised her kids. For me, it was always either/or, but never both. So, I’ve never really struggled with feelings of not being enough in the world’s eyes, as much as not being enough in my kids’ eyes.

I wanted to be the best mother they could ever dream of having. I wanted my daughters to grow up saying, “I want to be just like her when I grow up,” instead of saying to their therapists, “Ugh! I never want to be like her!” In pursuit of that perfection, I often felt like the cartoon character whose legs run around and around but he never gets anywhere. I earnestly tried, but constantly failed.

I wasn’t enough. 

Towards the end of the movie, Trace Adkins delivered the poignant answer that settles the question “Am I enough?” If you want to know what it is, you have to see the movie. Sorry, but it’s just too good to spoil it for you. 

Sometime in this past year, I came to the place where I stopped needing to be that perfect mom. It hit me that it’s never going to happen. (Either I’m a slow learner or I’m just not a quitter…I prefer to believe the latter.) I still strive towards the goal, but now I’m happy with landing somewhere in the middle of those two previous statements.

A friend wrote to me recently and asked how I do it all. I just laughed, because I don’t. I leave a trail of unfinished jobs and good intentions behind me, and plenty of blown opportunities with my kids. I’ve left unspoken words, or misspoken words, or why in the world did you say those words in my trail. But, what I’ve also left my kids with (and hopefully everyone) is my heart, and that’s really the most important thing.

None of us will get it all right.

Few of us will feel like we were simply amazing mothers, (or people, for that matter.) I think it comes with the job. You love your kids SO much that you simply must give them the best, and anything less than the best is unacceptable, and for some of us, almost unforgivable.

But, over time I’ve come to realize that, just as I told my kids all through school, it’s not the grade that matters — it’s whether you gave it your best. I’ve given mothering my very best, and I think my kids know that.

God gives us so much more grace than most of us give ourselves. I’m so grateful for His grace all through my mommying. It’s God’s grace that has taught me to let go of the need to be ENOUGHI can let go of it because I finally learned: 

I’ll never be enough, but God has always been more than enough.

He’s always been more than enough for my kids, for me, for all of us!

And speaking of these wonderful kids, Larry and I have one more child at home who will soon be graduating high school and stepping into her future, and today just happens to be her birthday.

Carolyn turns 17 years old today!

So, this final music video is the “Happy Birthday Minion Song” to honor Carolyn on her birthday and give us all one more good laugh! 

I also want to honor my sister Melissa, who celebrated her birthday yesterday on Mother’s Day. Happy Birthday, Sis! I love you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a few good laughs today to start off your week. It wasn’t a typical Monday Music post, but today isn’t a typical Monday.

Have a great week! (And if you see Carolyn, wish her Happy Birthday!) Now I’m off to make her pancakes for her birthday! Oh, and bacon. Gotta have bacon! 

Monday Music — A Prank, a Movie, & a Birthday Song to start your week off laughing. (Click to Tweet)

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