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I never saw a purple cow. 

I never hope to see one;

But I can tell you, anyhow, I’d rather see than be one!

My high school English teacher quoted the Purple Cow poem constantly! 

Over 30 years later, I still can’t banish it from my mind. 

Memorization works.

Over the years I’ve memorized many Bible verses, but my skills aren’t working as well as they used to. I’m glad I now have Bible Memory apps to help me.

Check out these Bible Memory Apps and download one today. It will be one of the best things you remember to do today.

Scripture Typer Bible Memory Verse App
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Scripture Typer

Scripture Typer for iPhone/iPad

Scripture Typer for Android

Scripture Typer Website for online use.

“Scripture Typer is the fastest way to memorize and organize your favorite Bible memory verses. Anyone can quickly memorize Bible verses in 3 easy steps!”

There you have it. They said it’s the fastest, so it must be. Actually, I’ve been very impressed with this app.

The following features help make this app the best I’ve tried. 

REVIEW REMINDERS: The app will remind you to work on your memory verses according to a specific memory plan.

When you’re first learning a verse, it reminds you ever day. Once you’ve mastered it, it reminds you ever other day. The review frequency decreases as your mastery increases from daily all the way to annually. You can choose to increase the frequency or decrease it or follow Scripture Typer’s recommended plan.

TYPE IT/MEMORIZE IT/MASTER IT: Once you’ve entered a verse, you’re given three options on the free app.

There’s an Audio and a Flash Card option in the Pro version. It’s available for $9.99. I’m not reviewing the Pro version — yet.

Type ItIn Type It mode, the verse displays on the screen and you type the first letter of each word. If you type it correctly, the letters turn from grey to black. If you miss a word, it turns red.

Memorize ItIn Memorize It mode, about half of the verse is missing. Once again, you type the first letter of each word, hoping the words appears in black, not red.

Master ItIn Master It mode, the screen is blank. Typing the first letter of each word, you are rewarded with either black or red letters.

After typing the verse in each mode, you receive your score and points earned.

Each action you take in memorizing verses results in the ability to earn points which move you up levels and earn you badges. This can be fun for those who enjoy competition, even if you’re only competing with yourself. You can enjoy this feature or ignore it. I personally don’t use it, but I could see students having fun with it.

COLLECTIONS: This app allows you to create Collections of verses, giving them whatever name you want and adding whichever verses you want into them. This is great for organizing.

I set up a Collection for one of my Bible studies, and my niece has a Collection for her Bible class. She and I easily share this app since our memory verses are neatly stored in our own Collections.

GROUPS: Scripture Typer allows you to create a Group and invite your friends or class to join it so you can memorize verses together.

My Monday Morning Ladies Bible study has created our own Group. Not only can we memorize verses together, but we can post messages to each other and prayer requests.

We’ve only begun to use this app, so I’ll update it as we work with it and let you know what our group thinks of the benefits or challenges with this app.

Setting up a Group is much easier done on their website. 

My Overall Opinion of Scripture Typer

This is the best app I’ve used (September 2015). It has lots of great options and is as effective as they claim. I’ve been amazed at how much faster I’m memorizing verses.

Bible Memory Verses App for iPhone & iPad
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Bible Memory Verses

Bible Memory Verses for iPhone/iPad

Not available for Android devices or online use. 

Standard on this is app are over 1,000 verses from four versions of the Bible (ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV) and 120 different topics, all broken down into sub-topics.

In addition, you can type your own verses/translations into this app.

To review your verses, the app gives you two options: Word Removal and Audio.

Word Removal: Within Word Removal you have two options: Blanks and Random.

In Blanks mode, the app automatically replaces several of the words with blanks. As you tap each blank, it’s replaced with the correct word.

I prefer to type the first letter of each word over this system of just tapping blanks. The typing system gives me more reinforcement, but my niece would rather tap blanks than type. It’s just a personal preference, but I’ve noticed I memorize faster using the typing mode. 

In Random mode, the app removes one word for each time you tap the Random button. You can tap it enough times to remove almost every word.

The Refresh button restores the verse to the screen.

Audio: Audio allows you to record yourself saying the verse and then replay it.

I suppose this can be helpful, especially for auditory learners. 

My Overall Opinion of Bible Memory Verses

This is a good app with basic elements. I like that it has a Topics list. My 11-year-old niece loves this app best. I personally don’t find it as useful as Scripture Typer, but it’s free, so try it out and decide for yourself.


Bible Memory — to God be the glory!

Bible Memory for iPhone/iPad

Not available for Android or online use.

This app is about as straight forward as they come. You simply add your own verses into a long list. You can easily upload verses from eight different available translations. 

The app gives three options to organize your list: Alphabetical, Review Date, and Traditional (the order in which you’ll find the verse in the Bible.)

The app allows you to select an increasing difficulty level for memorization, leaving more blanks than words the higher you go in difficulty. 

Review is done by typing the first letter of each word in the verse. This is my favorite system of review. 

You can choose to be notified of an error by a beep and/or vibration, or you can turn those off and look for the correct words to appear black if they’re correct, or red if you guessed the wrong word.

I nearly dropped my phone when I made my first error. It was pretty funny. I had it set on both beep and vibrate. It’s not that strong of a vibration or loud of a beep, but I wasn’t expecting it. Now I’m forewarned.

My Overall Opinion of Bible Memory — To God be the Glory!

This is a good, easy to use app that does what it says without any bells and whistles. It may be all you want or need.

Bible Memory Apps for Android Devices

I make no claims about any of the following apps as I don’t have an Android device to test them out for myself.

They’re all listed on GooglePlay as free, though, so if you have an Android, check them out and see what you think. 

Scripture Now! Memory System


Bible Memory: Remember Me


Memory Verse: Bible In Me


If you have a favorite Bible Verse Memory App, I’d love to hear what you’re using and what you like best about it.

Leave a comment in the comment section. 

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