Meet Lori Hatcher at: Hungry for God…Starving for Time

I want to introduce to you one of my favorite blogs:

Hungry for God . . . Starving for Time.

On my blog, you’ll find one of her encouraging posts: When Your Soul Is Drowning.

When I use the word encouraging about Lori, I have to stress that, really, she’s more than encouraging…she embodies the full meaning of the word. She IS encouraging. Almost like God IS love…Lori IS encouraging. I can already hear Lori correcting me,

“It’s not me, Jean! It’s just the encouragement of the Holy Spirit in me that you see.”  

Well, if that isn’t encouraging, then I don’t know what is!  So, please visit Lori’s website daily for a soothing dose of encouragement.

About Lori Hatcher

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A happy transplant from Bristol, Rhode Island, Lori has called South Carolina home for over 32 years. She is the editor of South Carolina’s Reach Out, Columbia magazine, a veteran homeschooler, dental hygienist, and freelance writer. Her book, Joy in the Journey — Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms is available through


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