One Day. Two Days. Reality Sunk In. Jesus Was Gone.

REALITY SUNK IN "It is finished," He'd cried. Then He lowered His head and gave up His Spirit.  Jesus' followers watched as the earth moved. Reality sunk in. Jesus was gone. They laid Him in a tomb. A stone sealed away hope. Reality sunk in. Jesus was gone. The...

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Three Powerful Ways Christ Said I Love You

I love you.  The three best words ever spoken.  In French, they say Je t’aime. In Italian, Ti amo. Spanish, Te amo. Germans say Ich liebe dich. But on Good Friday, Christ said I love you with three different words: It is finished. With these three words,...

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Jesus, The King of Peace. Us, the Donkey?

Jesus, The King of Peace The end was near. Jesus' ministry on earth was approaching its climax, but the large crowd gathered in Jerusalem for Passover remained unaware. All they knew was this man called Jesus was coming.  They hoped He was coming to set them free from...

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Surviving the Dreaded Bleh’s of Life

I've held onto too much in my life, unable to let go, just surviving. I've never been happier than when I learned to let go of my rights, shame, unforgiveness, and that obnoxious shirt that hasn't been in style since 1987. But letting go of my children? Bleh! That one...

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Birthright & Michael Jr Comedy Deliver

Birthright & Michael Jr Comedy deliver. Birthright delivers help to those pregnant & worried. Michael Jr. delivers non-stop laughs. I'm delivering both here. Birthright of Columbia Ever meet someone and know from the moment they reached out their hand, you were about...

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“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32


If you’re looking to fall more in love with God and His Word and see it make a difference in your life, you’re in the perfect place. That’s my goal, too. Let’s do it together.

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