Guilty but free!

Running wild and loving it! 

I’m as guilty as fire is hot, but I’m not getting burned.

I’m running wild and free like a child set loose in Disney World waving my pass that gets me to the front of the line.

It really is that great.

Living over 50 years has allowed me to rack up more than a few sins.

Some are quite serious, but I don’t want to talk about them. God’s not remembering them against me. Why should I pull them back up?

I can’t even begin to express the freedom I feel from being delivered from the crushing weight of those gnarly sins.

It’s like I’ve been given spiritual immunity. That’s way better than diplomatic immunity.

No one can get more free than me. You can get as free as me, but not more free. 

In fact, right now if I were to reach out and pop you in the nose, I wouldn’t be held guilty by God.

He might let you have me arrested for assault, but I could still stand before Him free of any guilt because Christ put it all on Himself.

That’s so unfair — and amazing. 

Through Christ I’m justified — it’s just as if I’d never sinned. 

I’m sitting pretty, but my heart breaks for those who choose to push their guiltiness out of their mind.

Like the child who thinks you can’t see him if his eyes are closed, they hope if they ignore their guilt, it’s not there.

But it’s there, condemning them.

They need a Deliverer.

They can have mine. He’s the only one who can save. (Acts 4:12)

Then we can all live wild and free.

I don’t mean wild in an anarchy-type way, but rather in a free state of perpetual exhilaration way. 

Matt Maher’s song “Deliverer,” captures this exhilaration. He captures the experience of being free from the penalty and power of the sinner within each of us.

As you listen to the song, please read the words. Let them soak in. 

If you’ve never accepted that you’re guilty, and that you can’t deliver yourself, please, accept it now. Accept the free gift of salvation only Christ can offer you. Let God be your deliverer.

What could possibly be worth living one more day chained to your guilt and risking it all forever?

We’ll all account to God for our guilt one day, but I’m not afraid.

This world — and my circumstances — may still be in turmoil, but I’m free.

So excuse me now while I crank up the music and dance. I’m running wild and loving it!

I am God’s, and He is my Deliverer!

by Matt Maher:

Thank you for joining me here today.

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And as always, I’d love to hear from you about your journey. Did this song hit you like it did me? What’s your story? 

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